Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


24. new couple

we took Bentley home and the boys came over to make sure he was ok, I assured them he was fine. The boys were in love with him and all they wanted to do was play with him, but I had to tell them he needed to sleep and they agreed for about half an hour until he was awake again.

me and Louis watched the boys play with him, and I had a huge smile on my face , I remember when I was scared they wouldn't like him when they adored him from they found out I was pregnant, After an hour of playing with Bentley there was a knock on the door and my heart stopped "Louis were we expecting anyone?" I asked getting scared

"no" he replied also scared, he walked to the door and I followed behind him, when we opened the door I let out a sigh of relief. it was Shannon. "oh hey I wasn't expecting you" I said with a smile

"I know, but Niall asked me to meet him here before he took me out" she said blushing a bit, aww how cute Niall has a girlfriend. Niall must have heard her because he stopped playing with Bentley and walked to the front door, "hey" he said nervously "should we go" he asked and she nodded, both of them left leaving the rest of us here. "how cute are they" I said to Louis nudging him a bit

"oww" he complained grabbing my hands and spinning me around to face him before he kissed my lips and I smiled during the kiss

"ew your childs here get a room" Harry called out jokingly

"your just jealous its me and not you" I replied laughing and kissing Louis again

"you got me" he said looking down and pretending to be upset, Bentley god bless him then started to kiss him because he was upset and he had us al laughing.

"I need to feed him" I said to all the boys walking over to pick him up

"can we not do it?" Zayn asked with a pouting face on

"oh ok" I said handing Bentley over to Zayn.

"but make sure to keep him clean" I said with a strict voice

"yes ma'am" Zayn replied and walked off with the other boys to the kitchen.

me and Louis walked over to the sofa and sat down "we need to start planning the wedding" I suddenly blurted out, what if he didn't want to get married any time soon and he just wanted to give me the ring to show me it would happen one day" I blushed and wished I never spoke "yeah we do actually we should start soon" he said smiling and I couldn't help but to smile back, I lent In and kissed Louis, I could hear the boys pushing each other in the kitchen and I pulled away from Louis so I could walk out to them and tell them off, I walked in and they food was all over Bentley and the boys were arguing over who was feeding him now "boys, hand him over ill feed him" I said shaking my head while Louis laughed behind me "awk ok, lets go Louis play xbox or playstation" Liam said pushing him and  they boys u stairs while I feed Bentley.

the boys went home at midnight after Bentley was asleep, but only because I was tired and Liam forgot to lock up other wise they would have stayed over


hey guys I know this was a boring chapter but it will get better comment and ask questions

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