Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


28. lunch time

Bentley started to cry so i got up off Louis who was watching me and put my clothes back on, i walked up the stairs and lifted him up to take him back down stairs with him. Louis was dressed when i came back down and i smiled thinking of us, we were made for each other. I was sitting on the sofa leaning on Louis and feeding Bentley when Niall burst through the door with the other boys trailing behind him "Hey Niall whats up?" Louis asked as Niall came into the living room

"oh nothing"he smiled the biggest smile i think i've ever seen, on anyone except Louis

"oh come on man just tell us" Harry begged

"oh ok fine, well i took Shannon out for lunch today and we shared our food again" Niall said smiling like a complete goon again

"wow Niall shared his food twice, she must be special" Zayn teased

"oh she is" Niall replied blushing and looking down still smiling

"and" Liam chipped in "what happened then"

"oh well you know we did it" Niall said blushing bright red

"oww Niall's got it bad" Louis teased and i nudged him, thinking of what we did at lunch and then smiling to myself, well so i thought it was to myself, all the boys had sat down by this point and Harry must have seen me smile "why so smiley" he asked me and i blushed redder than Niall ever could have, i looked over at Louis and he was blushing too, he knew why i was smiling

"so?" Harry asked i couldnt answer i just looked down and blushed, and then Zayn noticed Louis blushing

"hey Louis why are you blushing?" he asked and then all the boys except Niall and Louis burst into fits of laughter they knew why we were smiling "wow at lunch time while your son was here" Liam said trying to sound disappointed but he ended up laughing

"he was asleep" i said

"where was it?" Zayn asked laughing, i wasnt for answering that question not to these boys, they were like my brothers i couldnt, but i didnt have to Louis did it for me

"on this couch" he said slapping the couch

"eww" the boys said getting up and then laughing before sitting back down, i was too embarressed about the whole thing, but at the same time i wanted to laugh, i walked into the kitchen with Bentley still in my arms

"aww why'd you leave" Harry asked very amused

"amm, he needed to amm sit in his high chair and be feed" i sspluttered out

"oh yeah we'll help you" Zayn said coming out laughing with the other boys

"oh just leave us alone, you all have sex too" Louis said coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist kissing my lips

"ok im going to go i have to call Shannon" Niall said leaving

"looks like it's just  us" Liam said

"actually boys would you mind Bentley so i can take Leah out tonight?" Louis asked and all the boys smiled

"sure" they agreed

"what your taking me out" i asked

"sure" he smiled and i got a bit too excited running over and kissing him

"thanks" i said kissing him again

"what are fiance's for" he asked laughing, and i laughed too running up stairs to get ready

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