Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


3. Louis' house

we walked down a narrow dark, damp street for about 7 minutes before he came to a stand still in front of a huge white house with a lovely huge grass garden. he lifted his hand to put a strand of long brown hair back behind my ear and then he looked straight into my huge chocolate brown eyes and kissed my heart shaped red lips.

"welcome to your new home" he said with a huge grin on his face

"why thank-you" i replied in a posh british accent and we both laughed as he stuck his small gold key into his door to open up the house,

when he opened the door and we walked in my mouth dropped ope because of what i saw, he had huge white leather sofa's and a huge tv on the creme painted walls.

"you like it" he asked half serious half joking

"yeah its amazing" i answered

"ill show you to our room" he said "i hope you dont mind, this house might be huge but it only has one bedroom" and with tht he grabed my hand and led me up the small red stairs. we walked into a room with a white and red bed in the middle and yet another tv on the wall, there was a huge wall mirror covering on half on the back wall and he had an amazing looking red wardrobe near the end of the mirror

"do you like our room" he asked and look really happy as he said it"

"its amazing, where has it been all my life" i asked while laughing

"where have you been all my life" he replied and that sent another warm fuzzy feeling up from my toes

"hiding" i said with a wink and he laughed

"its late and im tired" he simply stated as he pulled me on to the bed to lie down with him

"amm Louis i dont have any clothes" i said embarresed because i had forgotten a bag and now had nothing to sleep in or change into in the moarning. "well i have some old t-shirts over there and boxer shorts over there" as he said that he pointed to two large chestnut drawers and i laughed "ok thanks" i said as i went to the drawer and lifted out a black plain t-shirt and white boxers and then i left to go change in the bathroom.

i came back into Louis and he was dressed in a white vest and red checkered jammy bottoms. when he saw me he went all wide eyed "thats my favourite t-shirt" he said and i let out a little girly giggle

"why" i asked

"because yu have it on" he replied with a cockey grin on his face and as he said that he pulled me close and noseled his nose into my har "you smell good" he said and i went bright red

"thanks" i said as i couldnt think of anything eles, why was i so stupid, why couldnt i flirt, as if he could see my stress he stopped my thoughts with his lips pressed hard against mine.


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