Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


13. losing him

"he what" Louis said getting angry and clentcing his fist

"im sorry i didnt tell you i just wanted to forget" i said sobbing even more and i coulnt stop i started to shake and couldnt breath probally

*Louis' POV*

i understood where she was coming from, i would want to forget too and she started to get really worked up so i took a deep breath and calmed down for her, i knew i needed to be there for her, and i couldnd imagine what she'd been through, who knows what eles he did to her

"its ok, don cry" i said almost crying for her but i needed to be strong for her

"how can i stp crying, your going to leave me now" she said in bettween sobs and her words broke my heart i would never leave her especially for this

"why would i leave you" i said now crying my self

"because this baby isnt urs it belongs to a monster" she said hiding her face and trying her best not to touch me now, so i grabbed her and hugged her as tight as i could and told her

"this baby is mine, it will always be mine, everyone already thinks it is we will just never tell them its not" i said knowing i would always be the one this baby called daddy

*Leah's POV*

his words ment a lot to me but i didnt think i could love this baby, now that i knew who this baby belonged to. I sat with my head on Louis' shoulder and thats how i feel asleep on Louis' shoulder and i felt him kiss my cheek

i woke up in bed next to Louis and he was staring at me with such adoring eyes that my heart almost broke, how did i get so lucky?.

"moring beautiful" he said as he kissed me

"morning love" i said as i smiled at him

"lets go out today" he said

"ok sure" i replied and he left the room to let me get changed

we went to the park and when i bent down to stick my feet in the pound i saw that i was bleeding down below, and Louis seen it at the same time i did, and thats when i felt a pain so sharp it crippled me and i feel to the ground, and i saw Louis' face go white as he called emergency, he knew what was going on just as much as i did, i was lossing this baby

i got to the hospital 10 minutes later and as i thought i had lost the baby, and to be honest i was glad and happy it was almos like i had killed my father, but when i saw how much this had hurt Louis i knew i had to try be sad, Louis hugged me as he silently cried into my shoulder

"Louis dont be sad, we can try again" i told him trying to sooth him

"yeah your right we can" he said smiling abit but not being  anywhere near as happy as i was

"Miss Moris, im doctor Moss" the doctor said as she came in "im sorry to be the one to tell you this, i know how upet you must be and how much pain you must be in, but when you lost the baby, it knocked your womb out and you wont be able to have any more children, your womb will have to be taken out" she said and my world feel apart, me and Louis could never have our own child

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