Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


27. isnt he lovely

"hey beautiful where were you?" Louis asked as i walked in the door, i smiled abit at how stupid and forgetful he could be sometimes "Louis i told you i was going to get everything eles ready for the wedding today" i replied going over to kiss his lips

"oh yeah sorry" he said pulling me back for another kiss when i went to walk away, i giggled

"Louis you have our child in your hands" i said still giggling, as he let me free, he laughed and kissed Bentley's forehead

"i know, isnt he lovely, made from love" Louis sang, the same song Harry sang on the xfactor only with he and not she

"i love it when you sing to me, or even Bentley, i just love hearing you sing" i confessed looking down

"i love to sing to you" he replied with a cheeky grin, and i couldnt help but blush

"i wish you wouldnt look down all the time when i say something nice to you, your beautiful" he said lifting my head with his index finger, i giggled and looked into his eyes, i went in close and kissed him, i trailed my tounge along his lips and then i pulled away "your such a tease" he complained trying to pull me in again, but i left the room as i laughed, leaving Louis to put Bentley to sleep for his after noon nap.

Louis came back ten minutes later "do you wanna watch a movie, Bentley's asleep?" he asked

'sure" i replied

Louis got up and put i know what you did last summer in the dvd player and i knew this would be scary. Louis lay down on this side and pulled me in close lying the same way he was so that my back was at his stomach and his head was resting on my sholder

"lets make this movie interesting" Louis said with a suducive grin on his face

"how" i asked

"everytime you get scared i get a kiss for as long as i say and any where i want" Louis smiled

"amm ok, but your going to be doing it a lot" i laughed

"thats not a problem" he said still smiling

in the first ten minutes i got scared and turned my head into Louis' chest "your scared" he said,laughing and pausing the tv

"im not" i complained trying to kid myself not him

"yes you are" he said pulling me in for a kiss, thats all it was a peck on my lips, no way was he teasing me when he went to pull away i grabbed him back smashing my lips to his and giving him a long passionate kiss, i messed up his hair with my finger and he rubbed the bottom of my back with his hand, and then i pulled away

"thats how you tease someone" i laughed watching him trying to get his breath back

"not fair" he complained pulling me back and finishing where we left off and going the whole way.

*Authors note*

hey thanks so much for everyone who has liked this favourited it and read it, i love you all

i am going to write another movellas after i finish this one, who would you guys like it to be Niall who's stuck in the friend zone trying to get his girl or the bad boy Zayn falling in love with the inocent girl in school, please tell me as i have no idea what one to do first after this one, and this wont finish for a while, i have a few more chapters left and i might do a sequel tell if you you want that as well

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