Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


14. getting the womb removed

Louis has been down for the past few months, hes been trying to not look so upset but now that we cant have kids its depressing the both of us. although we didnt want kids now it would have been nice for the future. today was the day i was going to get my womb removed. i heard Louis walk into the living room and  come over to me,"dont be scared"he whispered

"im not" i replied leaving the room to go get ready. i kept my outfit simple putting on leggins and a t-shirt

"you ready" Louis shouted up 20 minutes later

"yeah im coming" i said as i walked down staires, the car ride was silent and Louis held my hand the whole way

we got into the hospital

"hello mr tomlinson and miss morris, im doctor gilbert" the doctor said "i'll be doing you operation but first we have to do a pregnancy test, i no you probally wont be but we have to do it anyway"

"amm yeah sure" i  replied as my heart broke, i could never have a baby and the doctor made that very clear

i walked into the bathroom and used the test, i didnt look as i didnt want to see that i wasnt pregnant, i know i didnt want my other baby but now knowing that, that baby was the only one i was getting i wanted to raise it now with Louis, i wanted our baby, i was mourning the little baby that i didnt want and lost.

"ok lets take a look" the doctor said and i knew this would break my heart now, knowng that i wasnt pregnant after losing me and Louis' little baby

"oh wow" the doctor said "your pregnant" and at that word i was filled with so much joy, and i saw Louis was too.

"how far" i asked knowing i could be early due, it was 8 months from i found out i lost my baby and me and Louis had sex that night.

"come along and we'll check, oh and miss moris we cant remove ur womb now"

"i understand that now" i said being happy for the first time in months Louis looked alot happier too and he held my hand and kissed each and everyone of my fingers

"ok congrats miss moris and mr tomlinson, your 7 and a half months pregnant, would you like to know what it is?" the doctor asked and i wanted to, but i looked at Louis to make sure he wanted to and he nodded.

"yes please" i said getting excited

"ok your going to have a baby...

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