Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


5. getting ready

"leah" i heard Louis call, and it hit me again how beautiful his accent was, i dont think ill ever get ovr how perfect he is

"yeah babe" i replied

"come here for a sec" he shouted from the kitchen again, i walkd from our room into the kitchen where he was standing and i walked over and hugged him from behind, he turned me around so i was facing him "i want you to meet the boys tonight"

"you you, you what" i spluddered out

" i want you to meet the boys tonight" he replied while looking me in the eyes and all i wanted to do was kiss him, so i did, i grabbed his face and kissed him, he laughed a little and then asked "what was that for"

"well i felt like it" i replied with a smile

"and i liked it" he replied with a cheeky grin, causingme to smil bigger, he pulled me close and then asked "so what do you think" i was lost by his question "what do think abou what" i asked confused

"about meeting the boys" he answered, oh yeah i forgot he asked me that

"what if they dont like me"  i asked with my head down

"they'll love you, i mean i do" and at his words my heart beat a million miles a minute

"you love me?" i askd him, and he pulled me close

"yes" he whispered into my ear, sending chills up my back, but the good kind of chills, the nice warm ones

"i love you too" i told him as i kissed his nose and we both smiled a each other until he said

"go get read beautiful, the boys will be here in an hour"

"ok" i replied pecking his lips as i walked past hm to go back up to his huge bedroom

i sat in his room not knowng what to wear, i decided on a casual look putting on a red checkered shirt with tights and black shorts and i wore black wedges on my feet.  i put my hair in a messy bun, Louis also bought me the make-up i used to wear after insisting that i didnt need it, but i taked him into it , so i put some of it on and was pleased with the way i looked. when i walked down staires Louis' eyes nearly popped out of his head "wow, you look amazing" he said

"well" i said "your a good shopper" causing him to laugh

i sat on Louis' lap waiting on the boys to come and 10 minutes later the door knocked and my heart dropped. i was in love with Louis' and i was scared incase they didnt like me, but i had to suck it up and go get the door with Louis, he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear "they will love you, dont be nervouse" before he answered the door


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