Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


23. Flashback

Louis looked at me and i could tell he seen the fear in my eyes "what did your dad do to you that night you ran away" Louis asked clearly concerned, he had asked this question many times before but i would just say that i didnt want to talk about it,but this time i knew he was determined to know and he should know.

i took a deep breath and sat on a sofa, Louis came over and sat beside me, he took my hands in his and rubbed them abit before he kissed each one of my knuckles "so" he asked, i took another deep breath and began,

"my dad used to be an amazing man, he was my hero and he always did everything for me, i was a rather spoilt child who had everything i wanted, but when i mother became ill my dad changed, he wasnt his happy nice self anymore, he started to shout at me a lot and called me every name he could think off. when my mother died and after her funneral..."

i began to cry silenet tears falling down my cheeks, Louis kissed them away while removing a peice of my hair and putting it back where it belonged, behind my ear, and i started again

"after her funneral my dad blamed me for her death, he would throw things and me and hit me, some times really badly, and that night when i was sleeping, i felt him climb on top of me and start to undress me, i screamed and ran away, that only made him angry, so he grabbed me back and flew me to the floor trying again,i kicked him in the private area and ran again, he ran after me and put his fist through the wall so i ran away and thats when i found you"

by this time i was crying hysterically. "we need to call the police, who knows what he would do to Bentley, and i'm going to kill him for hurting you" Louis said standing us both up and walking us out to the car, and going to the police station.

we told the police man who told us his name was Jake our story and how my father had treated me and how much we needed out baby back. He asked me if i knew where he could be and i could only think of his house, i hadnt been there in 2 years from i ran away and there was nothing i needed that was there, Louis had bought me new cloths, make-up, a phone and everything eles i needed, so i was terrfied to go back,but i knew i had to, for Louis and for Bentley

we arrived at the house and i started to feel tears form in my eyes, the police men burst through the door and he was there, but my baby was on the floor, Louis started to cry running over to lift him up and rub his back as he was crying so loudly the whole street could hear. Louis had that look on his face, the im going to kill for hurting them, kind of look and he charged at that man, knocking him over "ouch" my dad yelled, and i felt happy to see him in pain for once, the police men pulled Louis off and when they saw that my dad had a knife and was running for them, they shot him, and i was relieved, i knew he would die and we would never have to worry about him again.

we ran an ambullance and Bentley was bought to the hospital, he had to stay over night because of injurys, if the police didnt kill him i would have, for hurting my baby

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