Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


11. day out

not pregnant and i saw Louis' face drop"im sorry" i said and he straightened his face

"for what" he asked sounding confused

"for getting your hopes up, i saw how happy it made you" i said looking down

and he pulled me tight kissed my head and said "yes i would love to be a dad, but maybe im just not ready" he said as he smiled "so it doesnt matter right now" and at that i smiled Louis was ok with the situation. maybe i counted my weeks wrong or maybe i just wasnt well and it was effecting my periods "would you like to go out with the boys today" he asked sounded kind of happy again "amm yeah i would love too"

"ok ill call them up" and he left me alone, i walked up staires and changed into a pair of high waisted denim jeans and a checkered shirt with white toms and went dow staires to where my lovely boyfriend stood and i wrapped my arms around him waiste from behind and kissed his cheeck he and laughed pulling me around to face him and then he charged his lips into mine and forced is tongue into my mounth as i laughed and he tried not too, but he couldnt help it and ended up pulling away and then he looked at me as if i was a prize when he was really the prize and i was the winner.

"i called the boys, they'll be here in ten minutes" he said while walking over to the sofa, he sat down and i walked over and sat my legs over his and rested my head on his sholder while he turned the tv on to the simpsons and just as i was about to get confy the door knocked and i groaned a little bit causing Louis to let out a small sexy giggle in his throat.

"hey" Louis said to all the boys as they made their way through

"hey, i have a great idea for today" Niall said and all the boys looked at him confused and i laughed at all their faces

"and whats that!" Zayn asked

"we should go to a carnival" Niall said. Everyone agreed and it was settled that we would go to a carnivel

we all got into Louis' camper van that he used when all the boys where going out somewhere together. Louis drove and i sat beside him in the front while the boys messed about in the back and half an hour later we where there. Everyone jumped out of the van and Louis walked round to help me out, i took his hand and jumped from the front.

we all went seperate ways there. me and Louis went on rollercoasters as i screamed my head off and Louis laughed, im not sure if he was laughing at me or the rollercoaster, so i glared at him anyway.

Liam and Niall went to play fooseball and complained at each other as the other one started to win, and the they started t play fight with each other an started to argue over who won,

Harry and Zayn where over on the dance mat trying to beat each others high score. Harry pushed Zayn causing his to step off the mat and miss a few steps and i just had to laugh at Zayns face when he realised Harry had won. At 7 we decided it was time to go. we decided that the boys would stay at ours since they used to stay every night and have only stayed 3 times since i arrived.

I was excited that they were going to stay because it was always so much fun, these boys where like my brothers and i loved them just the same, except Louis of course he was my number one. we arrived at the house and the boys started shouting over who won and yet again started to play fight. Louis and i walked at a normal pace as they ran up into the house, and then Louis lifted me up bridal style and carried me into the house, i laughed as i kissed his cheek an he set me down at the door and walked in, but there was only 3 boys standing there when we walked in.

"hey wheres Liam" i asked

"oh he went to the bathroom" Harry told me, and i got a strange feeling when i heard Liam was in the bathroom and i dont know why.

*Liam's POV"

i walked into the bathroom busting to go and then i noticed something sticking out of the bin , it was a pregnacy test, what? Louis would have told me if he even thought Leah was pregnant, he would of told us all. I lifted the test up and saw that it positive. what? why wouldnt Louis have told us? i had to say something

*Leahs POV*

Liam came out of the bathroom holding something in his hand and i reconised it at once, it was my pregnancy test and he looked kind of annoyed and i wasnt sure why, the test did say negative "amm Louis why didnt you tell us Leah was pregant" Liam asked

"What" Louis replied "no she's not, we thought she was but she isnt" he said as his face dropped for the secound time today

"No Louis, shes pregnant" Liam said

"no im not, me and Louis checked the test together it was negative

"well this says positive" Liam said, and i went over to check i, sure enough it said positive, all the boys looked at me wanting to know what it said, and Louis walked over and took the test out of my hands, as soon as he seen the test his face lit up again "Leah your pregant" he said with such a proud voice that my heart melted

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