Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


29. Date night

i ran up the stairs at full speed and in to mine and Louis' room to get ready for tonight. i had no idea where we were going. i ramaged through my warobe looking for something to wear. i spotted a red tight dress with a zip at the front on the chest,it was short and something Louis insisted i wear so i put it on, it was very sexy and fit my body perfectly, i had my hair wavy/curly around my face and i put on black high heels and lifted my black and dimond clutch back.

I walked down stairs and all the boys looked at me with opened mouths, i blushed and looked down "you look amazing" Louis said walking over to me. I noticed that he had changed from his grey diseal top and brown Gino's into black tux with a dark blue shirt and black tie, he looked amazing. "so do you" i smiled

"oh thanks" he said taking my hand and walking over to Bentley, he kissed his head and said goodbye, i then walked over to Bentley and give him a kiss goodbye, but before i let Louis pull me out, i left the 3 remaining boys with a list of things to do, like his bed time when to feed him, to be gental and a lot of other stuff i panicked about, i then let Louis pull me out the door and in to the car.

we sat in the car it was a 30 minute journey and Louis held my hand the whole time, i smiled remembering how he did that when Bentley was born and we were taking him home. "why so happy" Louis asked me looking at me smiling himself

"oh i was just remembering when we were taking Benley home" i said smiling and looking into his beautiful blue orbs, he just chuckled and looked away

"we're here" Louis said getting out of the car and walking round to my side to help me out, i looked around, we were in a park and no one eles was here

"why are we here" i asked looking at him confused he just smiled, took my hand and began to walk behind some trees, i looked and saw a picnic blanket layed out on the grass with different foods and wine, i started to tear up "aw Lou its beautiful" i said emotion clearly showing in my voice

"glad you like it" he replied smiling and pulling me in for a kiss, we sat and eat for a while and then we started to through food and wine all over each other laughing like children. Louis took me over to the lake and we put our feet in and splashed the water around, suddenly i got an idea, i pretended to whisper in Louis' ear and pushed him in, he screamed like a little girl and then began to laugh "oh its on" he said coming over and pulling me in, we were both in the lake laughing and kissing like run away teenagers "you make me feel like im living a teenage dream the way you turn me on, i cant sleep" i began to sing under my breath, well so i though away "you think im funny when i tell the punch line wrong, i know you get me" he sang looking at me smiling.

we got out of the lake after splashing arounf for an hour and kissing, we only got out because we heard the police, we laughed and ran to his car to drive home "aw your seats are going to be soaking" i said

"aw well, it was worth it" Louis replied still smiling

we arrived home and walked in the boys were asleep on the sofa with Bentley inbetttween Liam and Zayn with Harry infront and Niall at the back, it was such a funny sight that i had to take a picture and tweet it they looked like five year olds having a sleep over. me and Louis took Bentley up stairs and put him to bed leaving the boys to sleep in the living room, and thats when i realised "hey didnt Niall go home, he wasnt here when we left was he?" i asked Louis sounding confused

"no he must have just rang Shannon and came back" Louis replied getting ready for bed

"oh i said" jumping into my jammies and getting into bed myself, before quickly falling asleep

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