Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


2. chapter 2

"are you sure, you look pale and terrified" he stated

"am yeah im fine" I said still a bit jumpy , he didn't look like he believed me but he let it slip

"so" he asked "what are you doing out here"

"well amm I..i..I" I couldn't find my voice, I had just met this boy and I didn't want him to know about my father

"its ok, you don't have to tell me" he said and I smiled a short of smile that said sorry and im scared all at once

"you look freezing" he said as he put his black jacket over my solder and I couldn't help but smile, he helped me up from the ground and I feel over the trunk again and went flying into his arms, I felt so nice and warm and safe in his arms,i felt right like I belonged.

I didn't actually want to move from this boys arms but I didn't even know his name and he must think I was some sort of freak so I stepped back "whats your name" I asked him

"oh amm Louis" he replied but he said it as if I had just snapped him out of a day dream

"oh hi im Leah, omg you Louis from one direction arnt you " I said and he smiled at me

"well hello Leah and yeah I am " he said "I should probably walk you home now" he said and from the first time that I had looked in his eyes I remembered what had happened 20 minutes ago and my heart dropped "NO!" I shouted "I cant go home, I wont go home" I said and he looked worried at my reacting

"well" he said "if you don't want to go home where do you want to go?

"ill just sleep here tonight and find somewhere tomorrow" I said and his face dropped

"im not leaving you here along tonight" he said and I couldn't sop the warm fuzzy feeling that shot up from my toes

"well where can I go"

"with me" and at that comment he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me, it was innocent for about 30 seconds but then his tongue found its way into my mouth and then mine slid into his, after about a minute a pulled away because I needed air we both smiled at each other and he took my hand and walked me through the rest of the park

we saw a few brown and grey rabbits run around the trees and we through a few colourful leaves at each other, he took me over to the lake where we both sat down he ran his hand over the blue water and through it at my face I couldn't help but laugh and then I leaned against his hard, soft solder where he rested his head on mine.

"I know we only met but I feel safe with you" I told him and I felt so embarrassed that I was saying this out loud that I turned a bright red

"im glad" he said "I want to keep you safe" and for that moment there was nothing eles to say because this moment was perfect and so was this boy, the boy I fantasied about over and over again, the boy I feel in love with when he was on xfactor, of course ive never spoken to him before now but I knew he was special

"we should probably get going " he said as he lifted us both up from the moss covered grass and kissing my cheek

"ok" I said and at that we left the park heading towards what I could only imagine was his house


hey guys please continue to tell me what you think, this chapter might not have been the best but I have worked hard on both chapter, and thanks for reading your support means so much :)

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