Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


31. best men

while we cleaned the kitchen Louis said "Leah we need to pick best men and then who's going to walk you down the aisle"  me and Louis had decided two of the boys would walk me down the aisle while two of them were his best men "yeah we should pick names out of hats" I said laughing at the idea

"ok lets go tell them" Louis said taking my hand and walking into the living room where the boys were.

"ok boys we are going to see what two of you will be my best men and what two will walk Leah down the aisle" Louis said looking at me and smiling, obviously liking the idea of me walking down the aisle to be by his side, all the boys looked at us like we were crazy

"yeah so we are going to pick names out of hats" I said smiling at them

"ok sounds good" Liam said rolling about the floor with the rest of the boys and Bentley

I walked into the closet and picked out a black top hat I wrote all the boys names on paper and then walked back into the living room,

"ok Louis you pick one first" I smiled

"ok" Louis said as he put his hand in the hat and lifted out a name

"Zayn" he said smiling at Zayn

"ok Zayn you will be one of Louis' best men" I smiled and put my hand in for my turn, I put my hand in and rummaged around the few pieces of paper "Niall" I smiled at him

"yes" Niall said "I get to walk her down the aisle" he was happy with this and that made me happy

"ok Louis" I said again

he put his hand in and took a deep breath, once he pulled it out he opened and closed his eyes and when he opened them he read the name "Liam" he said smiling "ok so that leaves you with Harry" he said smiling again

I was happy with any of the boys walking me down the aisle, just as long as Louis was waiting at the end for me

Bentley started to smile, like he was happy too "what about Bentley?, what will he do?" Harry asked picking Bentley off the floor

"oh he'll just look cute" Louis smiled

the boys stayed until midnight talking about what they had to do at the wedding "will Shannon be there" Niall asked blushing, I felt kinda bad that he had to ask about her I should have told him

"yeah she's my maid of honour" I said smiling at him, and his face lit up

"ok" he smiled

"we better get going" Liam said hitting the rest of the boys on the arm, and they all got up and walked put, then Liam hit Louis on the arm and he followed them out, I just sat here playing with Bentley

*Louis' POV*

Liam hit my arm so I could walk out with the other boys, I knew what this was about

"you need to tell her" Liam said

"yeah mate you do" Zayn agreed

"I know but I don't know how she'll take it" I said looking down, I really didn't want to tell her

"if me and Shannon get more serious im telling her too, and I still probably will at the wedding" Niall said blushing a bit god this boy was always blushing

"yeah and me and Liam have told our girlfriends" Zayn said making me feel bad, I really had to tell Leah now

"and im not telling any one" Harry said, I felt bad for him, he was the only one that didn't have a girlfriend

"ok ill tell her tomorrow" I said as the boys walked out


hey guys im having a contest, it starts today and will finish on the 3rd of April, all you guys have to do is like and favourite this movella and I will pick to people out of the people that have done both and I will let one of you be Harry's girlfriend in this and the sequel I will do, and the second one will get to pick if the next book I do is a Niall Horan fan fic or a Zayn Malik fan fic please everyone do it I want to give everyone a chance :) and sorry for not updating yesterday, it wouldn't let me login


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