Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


19. Bentley

i woke up the next morning feeling exhausted and noticed Louis' head was spread outover my legs as he slept and Bentley was in his little clear plastic cought. He looked so tiny and perfect his face was just a smaller version of Louis with Louis' eyes, his lips and his head shape, he even had Louis' hair line, the only thing he had that was mine was my lips, hands and feet. His hands and feet where so small with tiny finger and toe nails. He was wearing mitts to stop himself from scratching and he was also wearing slipper socks on his tiny feet. Louis must have changed him because i remember he was just wearing a white huggies nappy and now he was wearing a whinnie the pooh baby grow. I remembered the smell of Bentley when i kissed his head where he had nearly a full head of hair and small splashes of blood that would be washed out in a few days.Bentley was sleeping and looked perfect, he was my perfect baby.

I then began to look at how perfect Louis was, his parted full lips that i could never taste enough of, his amazing body that i could never take for granted, his hair the way i remembered it the first time we met, that was the way he always wore his hair and he looked so sexy like that, Louis hadnt shaved in a few days and looked hot in a scruffy way, his eyelids were closed and he looked so peaceful. With his head resting on mine i bent down and kissed his forehead, but then my eyes found his lips again and they tempeted me i had to kiss his lips, i bent down and brushed my lips across his and when i lifted my head up i saw that his eyes were open "is that it he asked" with a smile, i looked down and went bright red

"i didnt know you were awake" i answered still looking down

"you woke me" he said lifting his head from my knees and cupping my face in his hands, he looked into my eyes "i love you" he whispered before kissing me "i love you too" i replied grabbing him back when he went to walk away, we kissed again and his toungue explored my mouth

"good morning Miss Moris and Mr Tomlinson" the nurse said as she walked in and Louis nearly flew across the room, for the second time today i went red and looked down "oh dont mine me" she said "ive just come to check on you and Bentley, i will get a doctor in and he discharge you" the nurse said as she walked out and Louis burst into a fit of laughter

"its not funny" i said still embarrassed

"oh come on it is" he said walking over to me again, i couldnt help laugh it actually was funny

"oh come here" i said in bettween laughs and pulled him closer to me again, he cupped my face and kissed me where we left off with his tungue in my mouth and then

"Hello Leah, im Doctor Lane and im here to discharge you" the doctor said walking in and Louis went to the other side of the room for the second time today

"oh,so me and Bentley can go home today?" i asked

"amm what about me?" Louis caughed

"you already c ould go home" i laughed

"yes Leah you can go home today after i do a few tests" the doctor said walking over to Bentley and doing something with him "ok Leah you can go now" the doctor said while walking out. Louis smiled at me and i couldnt help but smile back, we could take our little baby home

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