Last Valentine's Day

"Be ours?" They all said in union as I walked through the doors of the new community building. "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" The four boys of One Direction run over to me, screaming a few more welcomings and I missed you's. Being 'away' from Cheshire did not have it's perks. For example I haven't seen these boys in two years, leaving last Valentines day.


1. Coming home

Not even exiting the airport yet, a very large, black limo arrived in style. I already knew who had sent it for me. My long time boyfriend Harry Styles was very excited to see me and could not wait until I got home. I've been gone for a year and a half, in the military that is, just off the coast of I'm not aloud to tell you.

The slick limo driver had a sign that he was holding with my name, Hallie on it. The green, uniform I was wearing at the moment was very comforatble, and It showed people that I am brave. Harry didn't want me to leave Cheshire in the first place, but after my older brother was killed over there I knew I must avenge it. We won the fight and in honor I was granted a month off to go home and visit what is most important to me... Family, friends, and just home.

I arrived in London and Harry insisted to let me drive up in a limo. I was different now.. Would it be a cliche if I said that the war had changed me? I guess not since its true.

Disapointed that Harry was not with the limo driver I sighed and carried my bag over to the trunk of the limo, flicking my hair off of my shoulder... when something grabs my hips and lifts me from behind. "HARRY!!" I scream in tears of joy.

"Did you miss me babe?" He let me down and kissed me softly. I had wanted to do that ever since I left home. The scar behind my left ear caught Harry's eye and he gently rubbed his hand over it, a stray tear falling down his wonderous face. "What happened?" He winced.

"Harry I went over sea's what do you think?" I laughed a little, even though nothing of the situation was hilarious. "It's fine, that happened a while ago."

"Please promise me something?" He crys, only making me tear up. "Don't leave me again." I nod fastly and kiss him again, this time jumping into his arms.


The whole reunion thing was over and now me and Harry were in the back of the limo, drinking a celebratory glass of champagne. It is Valentines day after all.

"I have a surprise for you." He puts his head on mine.

"Really? You know I hate surprises." I tickle is neck, making him jump a little.

He dosen't answer with a word just a 'mhhm' and a kiss on the cheek. For the rest of the drive, which was five hours, we just cuddled and I swear that Harry fell asleep. His chest rose softly, his heartbeat was slow and peacefull, and every few seconds his nose would let out a whistle.

"Sorry babe, I dozed of for a while." He jumps up, scratching the back of his neck. "Happy Valentines day by the way, and let me just say.." He sits closer. "That I love you so much." His soft lips caressed mine in sync. It's times like these that I'm glad to have him as my own.


"Uhm, Mr. Styles we have arrived at your destination." The slick limo driver announced. Harry got off from the seat and opened the door to the fancy car for me. What a gentleman.

"Here I'll take your bag ok?" I nod and stretch, being in this limo for so long made me cramp up. A soft yawn escaped my mouth as I left the cramped limo and entered the cold, february air.







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