Do you even remember me? ( A Zayn fanfic)

When ashley was 10 she lost her mother in a car accident after that, about a year after, her dad began to do drugs and make Ashley do things a 11 year old girl shouldn't even know what it is. But when all this happened she also found her true best friend. Zayn Malik. Zayn knew everything that happened to Ashley and made Ashley move to him instead of living with her stupid father. 3 years after, when Ashley was 14 and Zayn 16, Zayn went to London for x-factor. He left Ashley with HIS mother and when he got home again, he didn't recognise Ashley at all.

"Zayn.. Do you even remember me?" Ashley asked, but Zayn just stood there, looking at her like she was a stranger. Oh god... how will this end? (13+)


3. 11 years old - part 2 -

Ashley's P.O.V.


I woke up by hearing a loud knock on the front door, I looked at Zayn who heard it too, he looked very worried. Then I heard the door open and a scream.

"I KNOW SHE'S HERE, WHERE IS SHE?" Mason shouted.

"She's not here, Mason, you should probably go." Patricia lied calmly.

"SHUT UP BITCH, SHE'S HERE I KNOW THAT!" He shouted and went upstairs, tears streamed down my face and I felt Zayns arms around me.

"scchhh" he whispered. I sobbed and tried to be as quite as I could. I heard footsteps outside the door but no one opened.

"hide in the closet, quick and quite" Zayn whispered and I tip toed to the closet and closed the doors. When I closed the doors I heard the room-door open.

"Where is she Zayn? Where is my daughter?" Mason asked, really angry, I heard that he was pretty drunk too.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about" Zayn lied. I heard Mason walking towards Zayns bed. I opened the door about 1 inch so I could peek through it to see what happened. 

"LET ME GO!" Zayn screamed. I saw how Mason lifted him up and hold him against the wall.

"Where is my daughter?" He said again a little louder.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about Mr. Jordan" Zayn said trying to be calm. That's when I heard sirens.

"Fuck!" Mason shouted and let go of Zayn then ran back down. I walked out and ran towards Zayn.

"Zayn, are you okay?" I cried.

"Yes, c'mon, lets go down, but I'll go first, to check if it's safe" he said and walked past me holding my hand. We walked careful down the stairs and peeked down, there was a police officer and talked to Patricia.

"Do you know where Ashley is?" The officer asked.

"Yes she... Oh there she is!" Patricia said and pointed at me. The police officer turned around and walked towards me, I squeezed Zayns hand and he rubbed my hand with his thumb as a "Don't worry".

"Hello, my name is Steven, Steven Hawks." he said and held out his hand. I shoke it

"I'm Ashley Jordan." I said and smiled.

"We have some questions about what happened." He said.

"O-okey.." I said trying to understand. I'm still only 11 you know...

"Would you like to tell what your dad have done?" he asked looking me in the eyes.

"Well.. It started after my mums dead...." I said and then told him the story trying my hardest to not to cry.

"That's a very sad story honey, but because of this you'll need to see a doctor, okey?" He said still looking into my eyes.

"Okey.." I said and looked at Zayn.

"I come with you." He said and smiled, I returned the smile. 

"I come too, should I drive them there?" Patricia asked the police officer.

"Yes, if you do that, I'll take Mason to the station, the doctor will tell me everything so just  bring her there for cheks and stuff and then you can come back home." he said and smiled before walking out of the door.

"Okey, come lets go then!" Patricia said. 

"Ehm.. Mrs. Malik, we're still in our payamas.." I said looking at her weird.

"Oh ahah, go get change and THEN we'll go" she said and smiled. Zayn and I walked to our own rooms and got changed, 10 minutes later we both were done and went back down.

"So, lets go" Patricia said and then we drove to the nearest hospital.







"Ashley Jordan please" A nurse said after about 5 minutes we checked in and things like that. I looked at Zayn worried.

"It will be fine, okey?" He said and took my hand, I smiled and let go off the hand and walked towards the nurse.

"Room 24, doctor Linkson will be here soon, she's gonna check if you have any injuries, okey?" The nurse said while walking with me towards the room.

"Okey.." I said I walked in too the room and sat down at the bed while waiting for the doctor, the nurse went out to do something else.

"Hello Ashley, I'm Dr. Jenny Linkson" A doctor said while walking in to the room.

"Hello.." I said shyly.

"I've heard you've got  hurt by your dad, can I check if there is any injuries?" she asked with a smile, trying to comfort me.

"eh.. sure" I said.


~ after the check ~


"Well you don't have any bad injuries, just some marks. So you don't need anything, you can just go home again, I'll tell mrs. Malik everything and then you can go home." She said, I nodded and then we both walked out to Patricia and Zayn. The doctor told them everything and then we went back home. 

"Well, I have talked to the police and they told us that you are going to stay here from now on, which is great!" Patricia said opening the front door.

"That's amazing!" I said smiling widely.

"Well..." Zayn said, I looked at him, he smiled at me.

"Welcome to your new home, Ashley" He said with a big smile. I smiled back, knowing that nothing could ruin my life anymore.










HEEEY! So so so so so so sooooo sorry I hav not updated in like forever! And sorry for being a pretty short chapter! But I've been so busy with school etc. Now.. hope you liked it! Fav, like and comment :) Love you all! ~ZaynsLittleAngel~

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