Do you even remember me? ( A Zayn fanfic)

When ashley was 10 she lost her mother in a car accident after that, about a year after, her dad began to do drugs and make Ashley do things a 11 year old girl shouldn't even know what it is. But when all this happened she also found her true best friend. Zayn Malik. Zayn knew everything that happened to Ashley and made Ashley move to him instead of living with her stupid father. 3 years after, when Ashley was 14 and Zayn 16, Zayn went to London for x-factor. He left Ashley with HIS mother and when he got home again, he didn't recognise Ashley at all.

"Zayn.. Do you even remember me?" Ashley asked, but Zayn just stood there, looking at her like she was a stranger. Oh god... how will this end? (13+)


2. 11 years old - part 1 -

Ashley's P.O.V.


"A-ASHHLLLEEEYYYYYYY C-CAAN Y-YOU HEHEHEHEHE CAN YOU HEELP MEEEHHH?" My dad screamed from the stairs, he's high again. Ever since my mum died he has done drugs and things like that. Me? Because of my mums dead and how my dad is, I take care of myself, a 11 years old girl should not live like I do.. But I'm happy I have Zayn, if I wouldn't have him.. I'd probably do self-harm or something, maybe even worse things. I went down to the smell of smoke and found my dad smoking weed or something. 

"What is it dad?" I asked with my arms crossed, I don't like when he's high, he can do stupid shit, believe me.

"Dance for me ey?" he said and winked. Oh did I forgot to mention this? Ever since he began with drugs he has made me to do lap dances, strip etc. If I don't do what he wants me to do, he'll punch me. Atleast he hasn't raped me, but I know that's going to happen, that's why I'm planning to live with Zayn instead of here, I've already packed some things and I'll probably leave soon. Zayn knows everything and it's time to tell his mum so I can be free from my dad.

"Dad.. please.." I began but he interupped me by saying Dead serious.

"Dance. For. Me.... Now." I sighed and rolled my eyes, then started to dance in front of him.

"Come on babe, come on" he said staring at me, I felt so embarressed by myself.

"Take off your clothed babe" He said while staring at my body. I took off my pants and my t-shirt, I stood there in only panties because I didn't use a bra. 

"Off with them!" He said still staring at my body. I took off my panties as I saw him coming towards me, I took a step back and before I knew it he lift me up over his shoulder.

"NO LET ME GO, PLEASE STOP!" I screamed while punching his back.

"Oh no baby girl, daddy feels kinda horny" he said and laughed. I started to cry hard because ofcourse I didn't want to lose my virginity when I was 11, and absolutely NOT by my own dad!

"NO PLEASE DON'T!" I screamed still punching his back. He just laughed. He carried me to his bedroom and threw me on the bed, I couldn't see anything because of my tears. It took nearly 30 seconds until I felt my dad lying above me. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth with his hand and then he entered me. It hurt so much and I barerly couldn't breathe because his big hands covered nearly my whole face. It hurt so much and I knew I was going to get serious marks after that. When he cum and let me go, he just put his clothes on and leaving me there crying. That's when decided to leave this house and live with Zayn. I put on my clothes and packed all the things I had, or nearly, leaving those worthless things, but all my photos on my mum and all my clothes and other i mportant things did I pack, I saved money for this so I have plenty of money. I heard my dad get up so I tried to hide everything and I went to my bed and pretended to sleep. I heard the door open, then close again, I opened my eyes but I didn't saw my dad, maybe he just wanted to check if I was asleep or not. The clock is now 11 P.M. and I took all my bags and went downstairs as quietly as I could, I didn't leave a note or anything, I just went out and walked to Zayn's house, It was summer so it was still bright outside. I walked up to the door and knocked. I heard footsteps and then Patricia ( Zayn's mum) opened the door.

"Hello Ashley, what are you doing here at this time?" she asked me curious.

"I'll explain if you please let me in.." I said trying my best not to cry.

"Well, ofcourse, I'll tell Zayn you're here, make yourself as home" she said and let me in, then she walked up the stairs and told Zayn that I was here. I put my things on the side and walked in to the livingroom while Zayn and Patricia went back down.

"So would you like to tell me what you're doing here that late?" she asked still as curious as before. I looked at Zayn that looked at me and nodded, which meant that I should tell her.

"W-well.. ehm.. it's a pretty long story, but I'll try to make it as short as I can... W-well ever since my mum died, my dad have done drugs and he has......." I stopped for a second

"He has..?" She asked and looked at me with a serious look.

"H-he made me do ehm.. lap-dances and strip for him..." I said and blushed at how awkward this was.

"Oh my god, why didn't you tell me?" she asked me dissapointed.

"I-I don't know.." I said looking at my feet.

"Has he done anything else?" she asked me sill with a serious look.

"Well..." I started but I couldn't finish the sentence because I know started to cry. Patricia came towards me and hugged me.

"It's okey, told me what he did, honey it's gong to be okey" she comforted me.

"he.. r-r-raped me.." I said in my tears. I heard a gasp from Zayn and Patricia.

"You never told me t-that.." Zayn said in tears because what happened to me.

"It's because it happened today.." I said still hugging Patricia.

"Honey come with me to the bathroom, Zayn make you two a cup of hot chocolate okay?" Patricia said and then pulled me to the bathroom.

"Ashley pull down your pants, I'm just going to look if you got any injuries." she said. I pulled down my pants and widened my legs, she looked at my thighs. I blushed because I felt awkward at this situation.

" Oh god you have marks all over your thighs. We need to call the police and get you to see a doctor. She said while helping me put on my pants again.

"Please don't do it tonight, do it tomorrow.."I begged, I was too tired for all this.

" If that's what you want, then I'll wait til' tomorrow." she said and smiled. We walked out and in to the bathroom where Zayn already was with two cups of hot chokolate.

"Ashley, you'll be living with us from now on." Praticia said and handed me the chokolate.

"Thank you" I said and smiled and sat on the couch beside Zayn who was all quit and had red eyes because of crying. We drank our hot chokolate and then went to bed. It was 12 am when we got to sleep ad now it's 1 am. I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of what happened that day. I walked towards Zayns room, and opened it, he was asleep.

"Zayn..?" I whispered, no answer.

"Zayn!" I whispered again a little louder. Still no answer. I sighed and started to walk back

"Ash?" I heard a Zayn say, I turned back at Zayn looked over his bed he half sat and looked at me tiredly.

"Hey.." I whispered, feeling guilty for waking him up.

"Why are you awake Ash?" he asked me.

"I can't sleep.. I wanted to check if you was asleep.. sorry for waking you up" I said and looked at the floor.

"No don't be, come, you can sleep here if you want too" he said moving around a little. I smiled and walked in to the room but I didn't go to his bed because it felt weird, so I stood in the middle of the room awkwadly and looked around for somewhere too sleep.

"You can sleep here, I don't bite" he joked. I giggled and walked towards the bed, he opened the covers for me and I laid n the bed. He put his arm over me and whispered.

"I'll protect you, you know that huh?" I smiled.

"I know.." I said and then fell fast asleep, feeling very safe in his arms.


Authors Note - Hiii! Hope you like this movella, I'll try my best to make it understandable Lol, comment what you think and please if you have any ideas that should happen in this book then tell me! I want to make this as good as possible :) Lots of love! ~ ZaynsLittleAngel ~
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