Do you even remember me? ( A Zayn fanfic)

When ashley was 10 she lost her mother in a car accident after that, about a year after, her dad began to do drugs and make Ashley do things a 11 year old girl shouldn't even know what it is. But when all this happened she also found her true best friend. Zayn Malik. Zayn knew everything that happened to Ashley and made Ashley move to him instead of living with her stupid father. 3 years after, when Ashley was 14 and Zayn 16, Zayn went to London for x-factor. He left Ashley with HIS mother and when he got home again, he didn't recognise Ashley at all.

"Zayn.. Do you even remember me?" Ashley asked, but Zayn just stood there, looking at her like she was a stranger. Oh god... how will this end? (13+)


1. 10 years old


Ashley's P.O.V. *Ten years old*


The phone rang and my dad answered.

" Hello, this is Mason Jordan. Yes, What? Are you sure? Oh god.. Yes, I'll be there soon. Thanks for telling me, bye." He said and when he hung up he was in tears.

"Dad, who was it?" I asked and tilted my head.

"Honey, Mum were in a car accident, s-she didn't make it.. Oh, god Why her?" He said and sat down on the floor with his head in his hands.

"W-what..?" I asked with tears in my eyes, I ran up to my room and threw myself in the bed, I cried my eyes out. I heard my dad left the house so I was alone, I think he was going to see her. I fell asleep crying. The next day was school and I had to get up. As a 10 years old girl I couldn't even think about to skip school. I walked towards the dresser and got dressed, I brushed my hair and teeth, I skipped breakfast and just went to school, I guess my dad was asleep or someting. The sun was shining and my eyes hurt because of the tears that was still streaming down my face. At the class I tried my hardest to not to cry but at lunch I couldn't take it anymore, I sat on a bench outside instead of eating, I just cried. After a while, I felt someone sitting next to me.

"Hey, why are you cying?" A guy with black hair asked me, He must have been atleast 2 years older than me, I think I've seen him sometimes.

"I don't talk to strangers.." I said with tears still streaming down my face.

"Well, let me Introduce myself then, I'm Zayn!" He said and held out his hand and I shook it.

"I-I'm Ashley" I said and tried to smile.

"So may you tell me why you're sad?" He asked.

"M-my mum died yesterday in a car accident.." I said and cried even harder. I felt someone around me and when I looked up, it was Zayn hugging me.

"I'm so sorry for that" he said and hugged me even harder, I hugged back.

"N-no problem" I said and let go of the hug.

"Come" he said and took my hand, I followed him out from the schoolgarden and in to someones house.

"This is my house, we can skip school so you can just cry out, I don't even understand why you are in school today.." he said and dragged me to the couch.

"No, I have too, it's school" I said and looked at the door, ready to go back to school.

"No, you're staying here, you don't need to go to school today, here, watch some TV and Ill make a cup of hot chocolate for us both" he said and handed me the remote then headed to the kitchen. I turned on the TV and it was the news.


"Yesterday was a car accident in the centrum of Bradford, the driver was Anne Jordan and she drived into a tree. She died when she arrived to the hospital....." The reorter said. I started to cry when Zayn entered the room. He saw the news and the turned off the TV, he put the cups on the table and came and sat on the couch beside me hugging me and let me cry on his shoulder.

"Ashley, I promise you I'll be here for you forever." He said.

"And I promise you that you'll always have m-me -too" I said still crying. We sat on the couch the whole day until Zayn's mum came home.  She introduced herself and so did I.

"Why are you crying?" she asked me and sat beside me. I told her the story.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, but what about you dad?" She asked.

"He don't know I'm here and it seems like he dosen't care.." I said and looked at the floor.

"Well, it's pretty late, would you like to sleep over and you two can skip school tomorrow?" she asked.

"That would be great but I don't have any change at all.." I said and looked at Zayns mother.

"That's alrght, you can borrow stuff and I'll fix a room for you, I'll call you dad and tell him you're here." she said and walked off. That night, I fell asleep in a deep sleep that night and didn't dream at all. It was perfect for being such a bad day, and I think I found a best friend too. Zayn Malik is now my best friend.

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