Georgia is an ordinary girl. Ro' just turned her world upside down. How smooth is the road to love? Georgia is about to find out.


4. Spark


The week flew by as all I could think about was today, Saturday. The day I go skateboarding with Ro’.  I am so nervous, what if I fall off or can’t d any tricks that he can? My hair will look terrible after having my stupid helmet on! I am really stressing out.


Right, I'm now waiting in the park for Ro’.I'm wearing my The Doors band tee, pink skinny jeans, scruffy old converse and my vintage parka. I quickly check my make up that I spent hours doing and after about 5 more minutes of waiting, Ro’ appears. He looks drop dead gorgeous. His chocolate brown hair was scruffy but it looked amazing. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a checked buttoned shirt with his very own parka on top and his worn out Nike skate shoes. He is indescribably beautiful. “Hey!” he chirped with a smirk on his face “Hi! I just have to point out that I'm not amazing at skateboarding!” “It’s ok, I'm not amazing either! Nice helmet” he said with a wink. “Oh thanks, its designer” I replied with a chuckle.  Me and Ro’ then skated around for a bit and he was pretty good! We were just skateboarding around a pond and in my path I saw a duck and ducklings so I quickly swerved out of the way, but I didn't just swerve around the ducks but I swerved into Ro’! I flew across the grass with Ro’ and we landed on top of each other. We started having a laughing fit and then we looked into each other’s eyes, his deep green eyes weren't just beautiful but this time I saw a spark. A spark that I had never seen before, a spark that meant that there was a chance of being more than friends. After what seemed to be an eternity gazing into his eyes, Ro' started moving in for a kiss and soon our lips were touching, it was a quick, sweet kiss but it was truly fantastic. Ro' then snapped away and quickly got up and brushed himself off “ I've gotta go now, see you on Monday Gee” he mumbled with a slight smile. I sat on the grass for a few minutes wondering to myself what just happened. I will have to call Katy tonight.



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