Georgia is an ordinary girl. Ro' just turned her world upside down. How smooth is the road to love? Georgia is about to find out.


2. Ro'


First day back after Christmas half term, yay. Oh I am just so happy to have to get up at 7am just to sit in a classroom for the rest of the day. I arrived at school just before the bell went and swiftly went to my form room. I spoke to Katy, my best friend and sat down. My name’s Georgia by the way. As me and Katy were chatting away with all the holidays gossip, Miss Young, who is defiantly not young, came in and told us all the be quiet. This is the moment when I first saw Ro’. Miss introduced us to him and I knew he had an amazing personality as soon as he looked into my eyes and smiled. He was the new kid and no one could be bothered with him. I was determined to be friends with him so I stuck my hand up and volunteered to show him to his classes, we were in the same class. As he walked over to me I could see that his earphones were hanging out of his pocket and he was carrying his parka, his black vans were obviously worn a lot. He was so cool. “Hi” he said in a beautiful London accent, he gave me a quick smile and was waiting for a reply, but I couldn’t help but stare into his deep green eyes. He was utterly amazing. I snapped out of my day dream and tried to say hello in my most normal sounding voice but it didn’t fool Katy who just burst out laughing, she knows I like him. “So, do you come from London?” I said a bit perkier trying to not look unsociable, “Yeah! I moved to York in the Christmas holidays!” “Cool!” I gave a small smile. Ro’ then got his phone out and turned it on, his wallpaper was of POP ETC. My favourite band ever. “Oh my god! Do you like POP ETC?” I nearly squealed! “Yes I love them! They are amazing!” “I know, my favourite track is halfway to heaven, what’s yours?” “I love that one! Mine’s live it up!” I gave a massive grin and got one in return. I can tell we will get along and he’s close to beautiful! Bonus! And with that the bell went and me, Ro’ and Katy made our way to our first lesson. 


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