Georgia is an ordinary girl. Ro' just turned her world upside down. How smooth is the road to love? Georgia is about to find out.


5. Hope


“Oh my God!” Katy nearly screamed down my ear, maybe telling her everything was a bad idea. “I knew he liked you from the start!” she squealed. “He hasn't texted me though or anything” I glumly replied, “Well he will, trust me!” “Hmm ok” “cheer up! You just kissed a boy for the first time!” she’s so giddy, but Katy’s right, I did, so why do I get a bad vibe from it? “How about me, James, you and Ro’ all go and get a burger at that new diner place in town tomorrow, it’s supposed to be American style!” “Err ok but ask James to invite Ro’ for me, I can’t bare speaking to him.” “Ok meet you there at 1! Bye!” “See ya!” I said trying to sound excited. What if Ro’ doesn't want to see me? What if kissing me was a mistake? Have I just ruined our friendship? Oh god, I am dreading tomorrow.


I drag myself out of bed and get in the shower knowing today is going to be terrible. I shrug on a band tee and my black skinnies and my favourite worn out converse. Ok I am having a serious bad hair day, oh well; I’ll just stick it in a bun. Shit, just checked the time and its 1:10. I am seriously late, ugh. I sprint to town and stop and check my hair before going into the diner, I look like I've been dragged through a bush backwards. “Look who decides to turn up!” Katy sarcastically smiles and drags me over to our table. I say hi to James and for some reason Ro’ isn't here. “Where’s Ro’? I ask James “Oh yeah, err sorry Gee, he couldn't make it” James murmured apologetically “why?” I could feel tears in my eyes and my throat choke up. “He just said he didn't feel like it.” “Oh, ok” I whispered. I sit down and look at the menu; I could do with a burger. We then order our food and the whole time we wait for our food, James and Katy are whispering stuff to each other and laughing. I don’t blame her, if I had a boyfriend as nice as James, I wouldn't waste a minute without him. “Are you ok Gee?” James asks, he’s really nice to me, I wish Ro’ was that nice, at least nice enough to show his beautiful face. I feel like crap. “Yeah I'm fine thanks” I reply. “Don’t be so sad Gee” Katy sighed, “It’s not your fault, don’t worry” she comforted. Our food arrives and it is delicious, they really are American style! We then pay the check and Katy and James invite me to come back to James’ house to watch some movies. I say I don’t feel like it but really I don’t want to be in a room with a loved up couple who are constantly snogging right now. I decide to walk through the park on my way back, I walk past the spot where me and Ro’ kissed trying not to remember it. “Georgia!” A familiar voice called, I spin round to find Ro’ standing behind me looking so beautiful and perfect, I remember my hair and start having a mini panic attack inside my head. Wait, I don’t want to see him, he hasn't spoke to me since yesterday and didn't even turn up before. I spin back around and start heading home again but I am interrupted by someone grabbing hold of my arm. It’s Ro’. “Please Gee let me explain. I'm sorry about yesterday and not turning up today, I didn't know what to do after we kissed” He mumbles looking upset, “I don’t want to hear it” I whisper, when really all I want to do is kiss him. “Gee, please I am so sorry” “whatever” I start to turn away “Will you go to the valentine dance with me?” 

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