Georgia is an ordinary girl. Ro' just turned her world upside down. How smooth is the road to love? Georgia is about to find out.


3. Egnited


The first day back flew by. Me, Ro’, Katy and Katy’s boyfriend hung out with each other at lunch. Katy’s boyfriend is called James, they are always so loved up that I sometimes wish I was Katy. She has everything, sweet boyfriend, brown curly long hair, gorgeous pale blue eyes and a really cute style. Then there’s me who has no boyfriend except a gorgeous poster of River Phoenix in my room to keep me company, dirty blonde hair that won’t do anything, grey eyes that make me look dead and I have no fashion as I’d rather wear my vans to every occasion and just wear a top and skinnys. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend, I'm not looking to go out with anyone because I'm not really any good at commitment. Me and Katy were walking home when she suddenly cropped up Ro’ “You so like him!” she squealed. “I do a bit, he’s so cool! We have a lot in common, we both like POP ETC and we both do skateboarding and play guitar. It’s like we’re meant to be!” I said very happily as we started getting really hyper and talked about Ro’ and James for a while. When I got home and checked my phone I saw that I had an incoming call from Ro’.

“Hey Georgia!”

“Hi Ro’!”

“So I was wondering if you wanted to come to the park skateboarding with me this Saturday.”

“Yeah! Sounds fun! Can’t wait!”

“Me neither, there’s a valentine disco coming up soon, do you have a date?”

“No I don’t why?”

“Oh er, no reason, gotta go now, see you tomorrow!”

I hung up and put my phone on my bed, why did he ask about the disco? Hmm he was probably just curious if I had a date. Or maybe he might ask me to the disco! That would be a dream come true! Well I better not get too ahead of myself so I don't get disappointed. 




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