My life with Louis Tomlinson

My life is terrible. My dad hates me. I run away from home. Then things get good. I meet a boy. And my whole life changes........forever...........


1. Everything

My secretly amazing life
Hannahs POV
I had waked up and it was beautiful outside, summertime, no school(i have graduated) but the downfall is my father (or stranger or steve for treating me like this) raping me and not feeding me and abusing me. I forgot about the plan i had worked out. It was 5 am and my dad usually wakes up at 7 am so i was safe. I had a little messenger bag. So i put some clothes in there, my moms year book,a bag of Cheetos, a hair brush, and some mascara ( i had no time to do my makeup) i had no window in my window pane so i crawled through that and ran as fast as i could. The only time i'd ever been outside is when my dad took me out side to 'do things' with me. And it had been a couple of months and i tanned in my moms old tanning bed. So i ran to the secret forest my mom and her friends created when they were pregnant with their kids too. My mother had died while my dad was in a fight with her. So i ran and i heard my dad yell "HANNAH! I'M GONNA FIND YOU AND you're GONNA BE DEAD! FREAKING HEAR ME DEAD!" I was so scared i heard him come out the front door. I hurt my ankle and arm but i couldn't stop then, so i ran on it and even though it hurt so bad it was so more worth it than being with him. I was so scared and so alone. I heard someone come near me. I said who's there?"

Louis POV
I was walking through the secret forest my mom had made when I heard a girls voice (more like the sound of an angel)come near me i was so afraid what if i could get killed?

Hannah's POV
"Umm hello?" I heard the guy say. " um hi. What's your name?" I had said. He scratched his head and stared at me like i was crazy! And i started laughing a bit but heard Steve say "WHO IS THERE! HANNAH IF THAT IS YOU YOU ARE IN DEEP F*CKING TROUBLE YOU HEAR ME?" I was so afraid and i wish i could have mom here with me. The guy picked me up and ran away from Steve. Steve hadn't noticed which was a good thing. The guy said "oh my god i forgot to tell you my name!" He looked so familiar but i didn't know where he was in my mind. We both said out names at the same time and i said. "Do i know you from somewhere?" "Everyone knows me haha but I'm in one direction?" I didn't know what that was but i just gave him a look and started running when i heard a loud gun shot! "My father! Oh my god I'm sooo sorry Louis!" He saw my ankle and carried me home when Steve walked away. He carried me into his room and we talked for an eternity it felt like. When it got dark he gave me one of his shirts he looked totally sexy in! He looked so good in stripes! I tried getting off my pants when he walked out of the room but it hurt so bad. I was glad i was wearing shorts underneath them. I yelled, " LOUIS!" I felt bad bothering him but i heard him run down the hallway and fall but get up again and he walked in casually. I bit my lip then he said, "yes beautiful i mean Hannah?" He flinched when he said beautiful.

Louis POV
I said " yes beautiful i mean Hannah?" I kept smiling but i hurt my knee when she called my name. She said she couldn't get her pants of she hurt her leg too much. She told me she had shorts under neath. She pulled them down to her knees and stopped there. I pulled her pants off and saw her gash on her ankle. Her pants were ruined. I was about to go out when i said " oh wait" she was about to pull her shirt off when she said very painfully "OWW" she had a long sleeve shirt on and she had a tank top under neath too so i helped her with her shirt off and helped her put my shirt on her. Even though it didn't fit her i thought she looked gorgeous. She really was gorgeous. She didn't have makeup on but she was beautiful without it. I asked her if she needed anything else because we might go to the hospital tomorrow to see if she broke anything. She said " No but thank you for your wonderful kindness!"

Hannahs POV
He helped me get my pajamas (or his shirt on) and before he left he kissed me on the cheek. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I felt so alive and i felt loved he pulled out the bed on his couch and grabbed a blanket.

Louis POV
Before i went to bed i had kissed Hannah on the cheek she was so beautiful and the name Hannah was too. She hadn't pushed me away but she blushed and touched her cheek. I saw her go to sleep smiling! I felt good and i have a feeling she did too!

Hannahs POV
I fell asleep and i had felt amazing! Louis has kissed me on the cheek i fell asleep smiling and holding my cheek while blushing! I woke up and Louis wasn't there. I heard a shower running and it stopped so i pretended i was asleep and he changed right behind me. It was awkward but i didn't want to make it even more awkward by turning around.

Louis POV
I had taken a shower and thought about Hannah all the time. I just thought in my head. Over, and over, and over again. Hannah Tomlinson, Hannah Tomlinson, Hannah Tomlinson. It sounded so right. It sounded perfect. I walked out of the shower not even realizing Hannah was still sleeping. I changed behind her and she looked so peaceful. I went in the bathroom again and dried my hair. I walked out and Hannah's hair looked fine, not like a tornado ( like mine) but it was brushed out and her hair was curly and blonde and beautiful. It draped over her shoulders beautifully. I smiled and the shirt she was wearing seemed to be wrinkly but i didn't care. She went in to take a shower and i passed her, her messenger bag. She said thanks and turned on the shower she got in and yelled " HOT HOT HOT!" I just smiled grinned like crazy. She got back in i think and had taken the rest of her shower in peace.

Hannah's POV
I hadn't learned how to take a shower in that type of shower before. It was hard but i got the hang of it. I got dressed and blow dried my hair and dried it so it would be straight. I decided not to do my makeup and headed straight out the bathroom door. I guess he was waiting for me and i felt bad because I took a while. Louis stared at me for a good minute before he stopped smiling and looked down and giggled. I thought maybe he didn't like what i was wearing. Maybe not. He came over and did
something that had felt so good.

Louis POV
I felt like my feelings had taken over me i went over and kissed her on the forehead and her cheek then her lips. She hadn't pushed me away or anything but i wondered why she was so shy sometimes. But she really was beautiful. I felt dumb and stupid for doing that but while she was walking out i opened the door for her and escorted her out of the bedroom.

Harry's POV
I knew Louis had feelings for this girl. She was really pretty and Lou kissed her on the cheek a lot. I knew Lou had found his girl. I was jelous. But i knew i should not feel this way about my mates girl. I feel so ashamed and bad.

Zayns POV
Hannah was escorted out by Lou. He stared at her a lot and asked if the guys wanted to come to the hospital. All the guys said "yeah" and helped Hannah so she wouldnt hurt herself anymore.

Louis POV
I really did have feelings for this girl. I was alone with her and Niall. Niall gave me a look and smiled. So he also winked at me. He said " hey Lou im gonna go to the cafeteria with the cafeteria with the rest of the guys k?" " ya its fine Niall, because you want your nandos"
Before Niall went he whispered in my ear " Lou i know you have feelings for her!" I smiled at him and nodded.

Hannahs POV
Louis and Niall were talking but Niall winked at me and smiled. I had a good feeling about that wink! The doctor brought out my x-rays i had broke my leg and my arm. I got my casts on and Louis said my dad would be here any second now. I started freaking out "How did you get his number?" Records and stuff? Why?" I sat there and started telling him about my dad and what he did to me. And he told told the front counter to call the police. I started balling my eyes out. My dad got there and screamed "WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER!" The lady at the front counter told him to back away. He screamed "NO LET ME SEE HER!" My dad came towards me and Louis told my dad to go away and stay away from me. My dad screamed really loud "NO YOU GET AWAY FROM HER SHE IS MY DAUGHTER!" "NO! NO I WILL NOT SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND AND YOU WILL NOT HURT HER!" Louis screamed. I can't believe he actually stood u for me and called me his girlfriend!!!!!!! My dad looked at me and said " oh so you got a boyfriend now huh? Well he ain't gonna stand up for you anymore!" He pulled out his gun and tried shooting Louis. " DAD! NO!" Liam went behind him and knocked him over and took away his gun and kicked him in the stomach. My dad doesn't have an accent (unless you call hillbilly retard who has no life an treats people like crap, an accent.) The cops came and took him away to jail for life. I felt safer and when i looked out the window he gave me a look and shot me the middle finger!

Liams POV
I got shot in the hand twice but Hannah didn't get hurt which is all that matters. I got a cast on my hand and we went home Lou had also got shot in the stomach so he stayed at the hospital with Hannah which was sweet the two of them. Hannah was really pretty, blonde hair, hazel eyes, and she was a little tan. Wait wait wait. I cant be thinking of my mates girl like that! Its not right! I should be ashamed of myself! I need to get a hold of myself! I need to find a girl............

Hannah's POV
Its been kind of awkward with Liam since we've met. We don't talk like we used to. I wonder what was going on with him. Anyways Louis asked me to be his girlfriend while he was at the hospital with me! He is such a sweet guy! And i am in love with his accent! He is so funny! But i like Nialls accent too! But not as much as Louis'. I love calling him my Boo Bear! And i love the way his hair swishes! I am so lucky to find him!

Steve's POV
She is gonna get it when Dave gets here. Dave got here and i started telling him what happened and i told him to go find her and kill her for me. She ran away now, she's gonna pay.........

Nialls POV
Louis had known this girl for about a month now and they are so cute together. I wish i had a girl like that! Well it looks like I'll have to go out and find one....... i wonder if any of the guys like like her...............

Louis POV
She is so adorable when she sleeps i walked out and i heard her say "wait!" I turned around she sat there and said " i love you!" " i love you too Hannah!" I saw her smile really big! I felt really good! I saw Harry walk in, he said he was gonna help her eat i also saw him with some food. "Thanks, Harry!" "No problem bro!"

Harry's POV
Hannah was do pretty...... don't think like that Harry, i told myself. I walked in and gave her the table full of food. I was about to walk out when she said "wait" i turned around. She told me to come here to help her eat because she broke the arm she eats with. I was hoping she wouldn't ask me that. But i helped her anyways. She said she wanted the straw berries first. At first it wasn't that bad it started getting bad when she needed a napkin. I started leaning in when i stopped myself by saying " I think Louis wants to marry you!" I was glad i saved myself there " you really think so?" She asked me. "Yeah!" She blushed and told me she was finished with her food. Louis walked back in and asked me why she was blushing. " i did something that she will treasure forever! I told her that you love her so much that you want to marry her." Louis slowly but surely started blushing and smiling. "Thanks bro!" "No problem Lou!" I felt so bad and ashamed though.......

Hannah's POV
It felt awkward when Harry fed me but he was really nice for doing that for me, he also told me that he thought Louis wanted to marry me! I wonder if he leaned in to kiss me and then he finally just said that? I shouldn't think like that he just came to feed me and made me feel better :) that little pep talk made me feel better about Harry! But I'm still worried.

* 2 years later*

Louis's POV
Hannah wasn't like herself lately but it doesn't matter i love her and she loves me. I just need to calm down and realize that she loves me! " Here it goes" i mumbled to myself... we were in Paris for a concert. We were looking at the Eiffel tower and i said " it's beautiful isn't it? But not as beautiful as you!" " Awww Louis you're so sweet!" She hugged me fast but tight. I had her ring in my back pocket inside the case still. I was saving it for later for the pent house for a surprise! I had told the guys to set up a dinner for me and her. It was also Valentines Day so she would get proposed to on Valentines Day! We went back to the pent house, the guys had done a good job, considering they all had girlfriends now to help them. They were going to propose to them tonite too. Hannah gasped with excitement and staring at everything! Me and the guys had gotten all of them the same ring but with our names in each of them. We all had suits on so we could have a nice dinner. Hannah came down with Annabelle ( Zayns girl), Bailey ( Harry's girl), Natalie (Nialls girl) and Raina (Liam's girl). They all looked great but Hannah......Hannah was.......indescribably beautiful. She had a black sparkly long dress on. She was gorgeous. She was beautiful. She was indescribable. I was stunned, and it looks like the guys were with their girls too! We all looked at each other and nodded we all got down on one knee and proposed the girls covered their mouths and all looked at each other and nodded very fast. Me and the guys looked at each other and smiled really big. The girls came up to us and kissed us. Hannah was very excited and i could hear her heart beating very fast. I felt good inside and out!

The End!

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