The mask. They always go for the mask.
Just because i'm different doesn't make me devil spawn.

Read on to find out...


3. Recognising

Morning light seeped through the cracks between the boarded windows. I had amazingly had a good night sleep. I stretched and my back clicked. Maybe spending the night curled up in a chair wasn't a good idea. I stood and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. My arm was still sore for yesterday and now I was sure would be bruised. 
I needed to freshen up and change. My stomach growled. It had only had a pack of dried fruit but it was still too dangerous to go out. What if someone caught me? I was wanted for simply being different. 
I trudged into the kitchen and went to the sink. Much to my surprise, water flowed out. I gently washed my face being carful not to catch any part of it as it would surly bleed if I did. I took extra care to was my exposed skull. I cleaned the rest of myself and felt slot better. I headed back to fetch my water bottle to fill and pulled on my spare clothes I had shoved into my bag. I replaced my mask that I had taken off to go to sleep. It was beautiful, sculpted to perfectly fit my face and to make it look more even. More, normal. But that was an impossible task. Even with the mask my lip was visible and I looked intimidating. Sometimes that was a good thing other times it was a curse.
Now I could see around I was going to explore. The bookshelves were crammed with novels, classics such as Victor Hugo's Les Misérable and War and Peace. It had religious books such as the Bible. I despised religion for if god loved me he wouldn't have cursed me with this face. It has journals and atlases. Travel books, encyclopaedias and dictionaries. There was a glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling and candelabrums on the desk. There amounts the art and music, lay a photograph. I felt as though I recognised the woman on it. She looked like me except she wasn't cursed with my fate. She looked beautiful. She was smiling and her hair was a chocolate brown. She couldn't be... Could she?
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