The mask. They always go for the mask.
Just because i'm different doesn't make me devil spawn.

Read on to find out...


4. Burning

I awoke the following morning. My mind still filled with some recognition of the woman in the photograph. I yawned and peered out through the gap in the board covering.
It was still dark out but there was an orange glow heading up the street. A mob! The glow of their torched illuminating the pavements. They were stopping at each house, some of them going in. They were still looking for me. 
I raced around collecting everything and shoving them into my bag. I picked up the photograph. Pausing to look at it again. I shook my head and put it in my bag, grabbed my bow and fled to the back door.
There was a massive thud at the front door. They were breaking in. I quietly opened the back door and hopped out but not before they got in. They split up into different groups, all taking a different room.
"The devil was here! It's mask. The signature trademark!"
I grabbed my face finding it uncovered and cursed. I knew that wretched thing would end me!
"Burn down the house."
No! Oh god. The beauty of the music and art that lay within those walls. I slung myself onto the wall that perimeters the house and walked along it keeping crouched. They had already started the fire. All that beauty gone to waste. 
I took out my bow and loaded it. Still keeping low I moved around to the front of the house, stopping at the corner just before they could see me. They were all staring up at the burning house.
"We got it. We killed the demon."
One man still holding my mask he had retrieved, threw it at the doorstep and spat. 
Once they were convinced I was burnt alive they turned and fled back up the streets. Only then did I emerge from my hiding spot. The anger swelled up inside of me like a balloon ready to pop at any moment. I remained in the shadow of the burning house and picked up my mask. It was undamaged thankfully. I placed it over my malformed flesh and left in the opposite direction to my so called murderers.
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