The mask. They always go for the mask.
Just because i'm different doesn't make me devil spawn.

Read on to find out...


1. Escaping

"Devil spawn!"
The words hurt but they were the least of my worries. I needed to escape before I became victim to the mob. I frantically packed essentials into a black satchel and slung it over my shoulder. I only had one means of escape. A secret passage dug out behind a mirror. I never used the mirror as it would only show my repulsive image. It stood floor length leaning against a wall covered by a red velvet and moth eaten curtain. I needed to smash it to get behind it. I scanned the area for something to hit it with. A candle stick. I swung it full force at the mirror allowing it to shatter into thousands of pieces. I dropped the candle stick and grabbed my mask placing it gently over my face. I turned back to look at my home for the last time. The candela that illuminated the space were dying out and my drawings and music were sprawled over my desk. The lake beyond was covered in mist. I had always lived here in solitude. A child of darkness  never daring to show their face to the world. But u had and now they were after me. I choked out a goodbye and fled down the corridor. The curtain falling back to conceal my exit.

It didn't take me long to find the rope bridge that crossed a gorge. I darted across it being careful not to fall through any gaps. Once I reached the other side I fumbled about in my bag for a knife. I wasn't taking any chances. The bridge swung back across the gorge blocking my path. I turned on my heels and continued running. I reached a clearing only then did I stop. It was here I had built and stored anything I was ever going to need should I ever have to escape. I grabbed and loaded myself with everything. A bow I crafted myself along with a dozen arrows. An empty bottle to fill with water and some dried food was all I could muster. 
I continued my travel through the catacombs until I came to a grill. This was where I was brought when I was younger to end up living here in the darkness. I had filled it with music and art. But none of that mattered now. It was all waste. I tugged at the grill. It was still loose. I took a step back and then kicked it with my black boot. I crashed to the floor. I cringed. Looking back just in case. No one was there. I was free. I slipped out and kept down low. Preferring to keep to the shadows I pulled the black hood on my jacket I was wearing over my head to keep me warm and to hide my mask. I didn't need to be spotted now.
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