the valentines day (one direction/zayn malik facfic)

irene moves to london. but ONE THING she didn't expect to happen is to move next door to ONE DIRECTION! what happens when she falls for one of them? on valentines day??? will it be happily ever after or will it end in tears for both of them?


1. the move

well this is it. I thought to myself. I grab my suitcases and stride towards the apartment door. I stop at the entrance and drop the suitcases to the hard, concrete ground. I then dig my hand deep into my shorts pocket until i find a small, golden key which would lead me to my new home. I put it into the key hole in the door and twist it until it clicks. The door opens slowly revealing a  small, white narrow hallway which had 3 door attached to the walls all leading to different rooms, a staircase, coat rack and a few paintings. I smile at it and the grab my suitcases and drag them into the apartment. I dropped them onto the wooden floor and then shut the door behind me. I drag them into  

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