Jesy is a normal schoolgirl who ends up in a lot of trouble


2. Nadia Sanchez

Nadia is one of my two bestest friends in the whole wide world. We spend all of our time together and seen as neither of us are particuarly good at some things, we struggle through together. Evie Allister on the other hand, is a genius. She is the other half of my heart. I have no parents to love so my friends are a lot to me. We go to this boarding school because none of us have any parents. I'm not alone in this world which is nice to know.

I lost my mother when a tsunami hit the cottage on the beach where we were staying. I crawled under my bed and tried to go to sleep thinking it would be over soon. I slept under there for a day and a half. I didn't dare get out. I heard people talking in the house so I decided it was safe to come out. I got out with only a cut above my right eye. I still have that scar to this day and it always reminds me of my mother. I never met my father, when he found out that my mother was pregnant, he ran away. He was supposedly off to buy some chocolate for her to congratulate her and he never came back. He never answered his phone. He never came back.

This is the nice thing about Shadow high, we are all the same. There is a shadow cast over the past in all of our lives. We all know how it feels to loose people close to us. My aunt sent me here seen as she and my mother were both brought up here. I feel like my family has bad luck chasing after them.

Nadia and I spend lots of private time together. This is strictly speaking, against the rules but we have never been parted. Evie has never had the same relationship as we have seen as she hasn't actually lost one of her parents. Yet. Evie's mother was at a night club and she met her dad, they went home together and when he left in the morning, she was pregnant. Her mother has died but her father is still out there, he showed up a few years ago but he is a drug addict and is on the verge of death. This upsets Evie a lot.

Seen as me and Nadia don't have anyone to turn to, we use each other. Evie can turn to her dad in a life threatening situation and that means that she is not quiet as close as Me and Nadia. We are all the closest friends in the world despite this.

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