Jesy is a normal schoolgirl who ends up in a lot of trouble


4. Mrs Brand

I hate Thursdays  I have three lessons with Elenora and the rest are the worst lessons in the week. This means, Thursdays are pretty tough for me. First I have Geography with Mrs Brand and if you went to my school you would know that Mrs Brand hates children. She can't stand them. I don't know why she ever became a teacher because obviously she is going to have to see children, but she did and we all have to suffer from it.

It was a Thursday morning, when I rolled out of bed and dragged myself into the bathroom. I tried to tame my messy hair and applied some concealer. Evie wasn't up yet so I didn't want to turn the tap on and wake her. I went out of the bathroom and picked up some lime green nail polish. I slowly stroked the brush along all of my nails and then sat there waiting for it to dry.

Evie woke up and so I went to wash my face. After I had finished in the bathroom I went out and pulled on the school shirt and skirt. We have to wear these really tight, short skirts. The teachers say that if we ever achieve anything in life it will probably be to fall in love and you have to show off a bit to fall in love. I don't agree with this seen as I don't like showing off my curves but I have to and I'm not going to get into an argument with Miss Bishopp about it. I pulled the lime green sweater over my head and then the blazer. Evie appeared behind my back, knowing that this was when she needed to tie my tie for my. I had been wearing one since I was five and ten years on I still couldn't tie one.

Nadia awoke and we hugged each other. She hated Thursdays as much as me and she clearly needed more than breakfast to get her through the day. If there is anything good about our school  it is that they actually give us a tap and a kettle in our rooms so I was able to make us all a nice coffee for the day. I think this helped Nadia because after she had gulped it down, she seemed happier. She dressed and tied her hair in a fishtail plait. I painted Evie's nails for her and we picked up all of our books before setting off for breakfast.

After breakfast we all walked droopily to Mrs Brand's class. Thankfully we were early so we weren't going to get into trouble but goodness knows where exactly our pens have to be on the table. I once got told off for putting my bag under the desk not next to it! I don't really care. I never care if I get a detention in Mrs Brand's classes because normally the whole of the class will be joining me.

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