Jesy is a normal schoolgirl who ends up in a lot of trouble


5. Mr Solomon

Mr Solomon is our geography teacher.He is young and only joined the school last year. Most of the girls try to sweet talk him because he is new but it doesn't work. He is apparently extremely good looking but seen as I've never really met any boys I can't really tell. Loads of the girls fancie him and try to get close when we are out of school. Today we were going on a small field trip around town. Mr Solomon had created leaflets and we had to go around finding all the things in it. We had don't the same test in year nine though so no one really tried. As we walked out of the school gates, a really nice looking boy walked past. I know I said I didn't know boys at all but I know that this boy was just amazing.

Evie noticed that I had seen something and instantly turned to stare at him too. We split up from the class and tailed him to the local square. He sat down on one of the benches so Evie and I made a beeline for the bench and pretended to read a paper. " Oh, c'mon I know you're staring just tell me has my hair gone wrong or something?!" Me and Evie were so startled that we nearly fell off the bench. I instantly took the opportunity and leant over. I pretended to mess with his fringe for a bit and then straightened up. " Much better," I stared into his eyes and he smiled. " Thank you, I'd never have noticed and then people would have stared and I would have felt like a complete idiot, especially in front of..." He trailed off. " Go on, in front of who," Evie said looking at him quizzically  " Oh Evie, don't be so nosey, he probably has a girlfriend or someone who he wants to impress," I said, over sarcastically, "Yeah, how did you know?! I mean it's a Shadow field trip right, and you guys wear real tight skirts and I just... No you guys you're all so pretty," I couldn't believe he had said this and Evie was doing a fish impression.

I stole the silence though and acted like a professional  " Oh right, well we aren't all single but as it happens, I am.  Jesy, I'm Jesy," He looked at me and raised an eyebrow, " Well, hi Jesy. You see, I'm like th only boy around here that doesn't have a girlfriend and all the other guys just laugh at me for it." I raised my eyebrows and told him I was sorry. Then he turned to me and said, " But it sounds like that is about to change," I blushed, I'd never thought it would go this far and then there was the problem that if he didn't have a girlfriend then he probably wasn't very hot, oh well I thought he was. " Yeah, I think it just has, hey, that chippy is so nice, you wanna meet there on Sunday at say, six ish?" He looked so happy, " Have you just asked me out? I mean yep I love that place, you're on!"

And that was the end of that or possibly the beginning.

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