Jesy is a normal schoolgirl who ends up in a lot of trouble


6. Jemma McNeil

The next day, I walked into the bathrooms on the second corridor and found Jemma McNeil sitting on the sink and crying, "Jemma!" I cried and she looked up. "What's wrong?" I looked at her face, her mascara had run all down her face and she looked like something out of a ghost story. "Well," she muttered, "Alexis was in the bathroom and I walked in and there, in the mirror, I saw..." She looked down and started crying again. I didn't want to be nosy or anything so I didn't encourage her to carry on, she did and I couldn't believe what she said, "My mother," Just those two words were enough to scare me. Everyone knew that Jemma's mother had died in a car crash and from then on, Jemma had nightmares about car crashes and people dying. She always talked of her mother as an angel, in heaven. Most people thought that Jemma had gone insane when her mother died but I always knew what she felt like, that feeling that it was all your fault. Jemma often found me when she wanted to cry, I didn't particularly think of her as a close friend but I didn't mind her using me as a hard shoulder to cry on.

Jemma clung onto the tap and told me that she really thought it was her mother but she didn't want to talk to her because she really believed that it was her fault that she died. So she ran to the toilets to wait for her mother to find her. When she realised that it was only Alexis she calmed down a bit. She stopped crying and started to smile.

I left her smiling at herself in the mirror. I ran down the corridor and up the stairs to the left wing, where all the pupils' dormitories were. I ran into our dorm to find Nadia and Evie sitting on the bed hidden by a magazine. "What are you scheming then ladies?!" I said and they both looked up in unison, "Oh, we were planing what you should wear for your date this Sunday," Nadia replied, smiling. Oh, yeah, the date, i had completely forgotten  I had been so busy revising for the physics test tomorrow that I hadn't a clue what I was going to do about the date! Evie must have spotted the panicked look that flashed across my face because she then asked, "You had completely forgotten, hadn't you?! Come here and we'll see what we can sort out for you," The two girls pulled the magazine down, to reveal a massive pile of papers with drawings of outfits and hair dos and make up and all sorts of fancy earrings and headscarf's.

I gasped, this was going to be a long night.

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