Jesy is a normal schoolgirl who ends up in a lot of trouble


3. Evie Black

This isn't Evie's real name. She has no surname. Her mother never revealed hers and her father never told anyone the correct name, not his fault, he was never in the right frame of mind. This means that our school had to come up with one. They managed to think up the best name possible, Black, how inventive.

Evie, as I said, has never had the same relationship with me and Nadia as we have with each other. We have something called private time. I like to think that the school wanted us to reflect on the day or something like that but I usually use it to cry off all of my life. Nadia and I spend it hugging each other and telling each other things that we would never tell anyone else. We sit in the bathroom, I sit on the rug and Naida sits on the tile floor next to me. The bathroom is small but it is perfect when you want to block out the world and cry. 

Evie sits on the top bunk in our room. She says she looks at the ceiling and thinks about her father. She has a picture of him but the last time she met him was ten years ago when she was four. She has vague memories of a drunk man who seemed a little to happy about life. I cry when I think of him. I vividly remember him. He was wearing a black traksuit and there were holes at the elbows and over his knee caps. He was wearing a glued-together baseball cap and he swaggered in smiling  The staff had to check him to make sure he wasn't carrying illegal drugs before he went further than the Foyer. It was so sad to see this man with a Cambridge degree and a beautiful daughter to be looking after, throw his life away. 

After he left, he kept coming back to sleep on the school steps. I watched him get up every day and run out of the gates before anyone saw him. It distressed me to see him like this and puzzled me why he didn't come and get Evie and leave this place. I asked Evie this but seen as she just cried her eyes out every time I asked her, I stopped. I only just understand it now.


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