Jesy is a normal schoolgirl who ends up in a lot of trouble


1. Elenora Hade

Elenora Hade. I HATE her. She is a spoilt brat who needs someone to tell her who she is and what she's like. It's not gonna be me if that's what you were thinking. I hate her and she knows it, she bullies me and I bully her back. One day she told me that I needed to go to the hairdresser because my hair was a mess. I told her that her face was a mess and she went to the hear of our year and twisted the story so that I was in the wrong. She does that a lot, that's why I hate her.

The big problem is that a lot of the other girls in the year adore her and that's what makes me feel small. If she goes and tells her best friend Maddie Buttery and her little gang of admirers then I'm dead meat. They can make any story sound like I have murdered someone.

Sorry, I just wasted a lot of paper telling you something negative when, actually, I have plenty to be positive about. I'm Jesy. I got to Shadow high boarding school for girls. I live with a bunch of lovely, intelligent girls, who, like me absolutely hate Elenora. But unfortunately I also live with Elenora. My best friends are Evie and Nadia and we spend most of our lives sitting in our dorm reading magazines and painting each others nails. We have a lot of fun together and we never leave each others sides. We have all of our classes together and if anyone tries to split us up we get someone to tell the head of our year that we are really struggling and should be put together again.

We all hate Elenora and have pulled many pranks on her. This really annoys our head of year and Elenora but we don't really care as long as it shows her that she is not in charge of everyone's lives. She just goes around telling people that they look a mess and that if they pull their skirt up a bit then they might get a boyfriend. What really gets to me is that people listen to her. If they get told that they should tie their hair in a plait instead of bunches, you always see them turn into the toilets and do what she told them to.

So, do you see why I loathe her so much. 


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