It's Time to Let Go

Fraternal twins, Piper and Paisley, get to go on a trip of a life time!
They get the chance to go to Pairs with their band but when another band, an all boy band, interferes with their chances, what can they do?


1. The News: Piper

"PIPERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" I heard my name being called from the front of the house. I looked around the basement where my band sat, everyone but my crazy sister, Paisley. I knew it was here before she even step foot in the basement or should I say stumble. I watched as she flew down the stairs, miss the last step and almost collide on her face. before she said another word, she smoothed down her deep brown curls that sat on her shoulders. Before I could say anything, Paisley jumped onto me.


"OHHHMYGOSHHHH PIPER!" She scream loudly in my ear. She jumped up and down.


"What Paisley? Use your words!" I yelled over her screams trying to push her away from me. I looked over at Landon for help but he just smirked at us along with the rest of the band. I gave them a wild look and they finally responded. Forrest picked Paisley up and hung her over his shoulder.


Her screams stopped as her face dangled in front of his bum. I watched as she stared at his bum for a long time with no words coming from her mouth which was odd of her because Paisley never seemed to shut up at times. The only time I could keep her quiet was when she played her drums. That and giving her food. Those were the only two sure fire ways to keep her quiet.


"Danggggg Forrest! You have a great bum!" She giggled.


Forrest's face turned bright red. I couldn't tell if it was because he was flattered or embarrassed but I could tell by the way Patrick and Landon laughed, it was possibly the flattered part. I could fell a laugh rise in my throat but I didn't. I needed to take control of what was going on or we would get no where.


"Forrest, please put her down and Paisley, start talking." I said blankly.


I gave Landon and James a look to make them stop laughing while we waited for Paisley to talk. Forrest placed her on the ground carefully then smiled at her. He walked across the room where he sat down next to his bass. Landon took a seat on the couch next to his guitar while James sat on the floor and patted on his lap for Paisley to sit. She smiled at him showing her big dimples that she didn't like very much. I touched my cheeks. My mom had dimples while my dad didn't. I took after my dad while Paisley took after my mom. We had a good of them though. It was just one of the things I wish I would have taken after my mom, dimples.


I shook my head then said, "Paisley! Now!"


Paisley looked at me with her grey eyes then smoothed out her hair again. A habit she had. She took a seat on James then said, "Okay, guys, this is big! I recorded one of our sessions and entered it into a drawing. Yeah, I know, I should have told you but let me finish this little story and I mean you Piper, you look like you are going to exploded. Okay. So I turned it in like a month ago and I forgot about it well I just got a phone call from the drawing and there was a tie for the winner. Us and this band called Time to Let Go. Anywho, they want us to compete to find out who the winner will be... In Paris.."


"Paris?!" Landon screamed. He jumped out of his seat with a grin on his face. "Please tell me this isn't a joke Paisley because that would be the meanest joke you have ever played on us before!"


Paisley shook her head, "Look in my bag you jackleg!"


Landon scrambled over to her bag then dug through it. His eyes grew wide as he pulled out five plane tickets. I walked over to him and grabbed one of the tickets. It was labeled a round trip to Paris and back. They were also first class tickets. My hands began to shake as I looked up from the tickets to my sisters smug smile. I couldn't believe what I was holding. My band, my band, was going to the Paris Jam to face off a band called Time to Let Go! For once in my life I let out a loud scream and began to jump up and down. I could hear everyone hoot and holler because we were all going to Paris and we were going to win!

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