It's Time to Let Go

Fraternal twins, Piper and Paisley, get to go on a trip of a life time!
They get the chance to go to Pairs with their band but when another band, an all boy band, interferes with their chances, what can they do?


2. Paris Baby: Paisley


I never liked flying much. I wasn't as brave as my sister Piper. She wasn't scared of flying or boats or anything that kept them from going on trips to great places. I on the other hand, was scared of everything. Movies and TV shows never gave any glory to flying or sailing. Either the boat sank or plane crashed and who would want to get on one after seeing that? Not me and that's for sure. But this time, I had no choice. They couldn't play without me even if they want to. I wrote the songs and my beats were sick. Plus a girl drummer always made things interesting as James and Landon said.


I walked closely next to James before he took his seat on the plane. Yes, it was first class, very different from the back but I still felt very nervous. Having five band members meant there was one odd man out who would have to sit next to a stranger, we pulled straws and I lost. Before I pasted James in his seat next to Landon, he kissed my hand and gave me a little smile.


We weren't together or anything. We were just very close to each other, everyone expected us to be together in the end but I had different ideas. I loved James but he was too sweet for me. I wanted excitement in my life. I didn't want to end up married after high school, raising my kids in the same town, and watch them do it all over again. I had dreams and that's why Piper and I started this band. I wanted to win so bad so I could get my big break here.


I gave him a little smile then kept walking to my seat. When I got there, the two seated row was empty. I took my place next to the window and winced. I didn't want to go up into the air. There had to be time to get off right now. I almost stood up but a guy about a year or two older than me took the empty seat next to me. He smiled big showing off his cute dimpled cheeks. A part of me wished my dimples were that cute.


"Hello there darling!" He said in a husky southern accent.


My heart melted right there. I was a sucker for southern accents. They were so perfect, full, and rich plus it worked well with him. He was about 6'2" in height with a muscular build. He wore a black, tight shirt that showed off the muscles as well sending more chills down my body. He had thick brown hair that cupped over his forehead. Then there was his eyes. I loved brown eyes but his big blue eyes were an exception. He had little freckles farming his face and like I said, adorable dimples. He was... Gorgeous!


"Um.. Hello there!" I giggled like a little school girl.  


He smiled even wider, "I'm Logan Shane. What's your name?"


"I'm... My name is.. Paisley! Paisley Star!" I stumbled.


I could her chuckles behind me from Landon and a grunting noise from James. I ignored them and kept all my focus on Logan. His smile just made me melt inside!


"Wait! Paisley Star? As in 5 Stars? The band competing in the Paris Jam?" He asked, his smile almost worn out.


I nodded, "Yeah, I'm the drummer and those two are James Laketon and Landon Caper, they both play guitar and James sings with my twin sister, Piper Star."


Logan nodes slowly, "Time to Let Go is my band, I will also be competing in the Paris Jam with my brothers: Yale, Riley, Weston, and Nicholas." He pointed to his right where a group of boys sat in twos.


Landon perked up, "Time to Let Go? I personally thought that was going to be like an all girls band!"


I couldn't help but let out a little laugh along with James but we stopped once we saw the look on Logan's face. I tired to give him an sorry look but he just stared down Landon.


"Our sister died and we named the band Time to Let Go to learn how to deal with her death you-"


I cut him off, "I'm so sorry about your sister. That must be a real hard thing to go through. I lost my mother two years ago. I can understand where you guys come from.."


He gave me a little smile then put his head phones on, "Yeah. Maybe. Enjoy the flight."


I turned forward in my seat. I closed my eyes, scared to death. I could feel someone ruffle my hair and lips on my head. I knew it was James. A small smile crossed my lips then faded. The flight lady spoke then the plane took off. I felt so tense. Fingers laced mine. I looked over to see Logan. He looked very tense too. Maybe it was his first time as well. I saw a smile cross his lips then I stared forward and closed my eyes. Maybe this would be an okay flight after all.


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