Science And Religion

science, religion complementary..


1. standards

Science has its fame

Religion has its charm

one knows no boundaries

the other cares niceties.

Science is amazing

religion is enchanting

gadgets are science miracles

angels are religious wonders.

Once Gods walked on blue planet

to care, to teach and to protect

now science and religion

revel in exploitation.

Religion sets morals and ethics

science offers no sign posts

no moral frame work to guide

no true faith to lead.

All concepts are disobeyed

God's creation is disrespected

power is gained

the accountability is lost.

Manipulated by scientific perversion

human self worth in destruction

terrorized by religious fanaticism

global peace not a realism.

True religion wanders never

from humans and human values

true science opens never

ways to illogical experiments

and irrational  devastation.

Science and religion are at fault

if clarity of standards is lost

both are complementary

great tributes to almighty.




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