The Underground City


1. S.O.R

I always wake at night to the sound of the door shutting. A robbery. Stuff is always getting stolen here. Like last week they took my jewellery box but luckily I had the sense to stuff it with empty wrappers, I hid my jewellery under my pillow and slept on it. I don't need anything else getting stolen. The week before that, they took my mobile phone and mum wouldn't let me go out for a week because she was so worried. They are the S.O.R. Society of robbers. Stupid right? I don't think they could be bothered to think up a name. They just wanted to start robbing. They come from main land. Criminals there. They all got put in the same passage they all started digging a hole to freedom. Finally it was finished and they were free. They didn't waste any time they took the next stuck underground there was. And that was it we were doomed.

My names Julie I'm 13 my mums name is Sandra and we don't like to talk about dad but I will anyway. Dad was always working on the mainland and only came home at Christmas. He was actually working as the police to arrest the S.O.R. but when he saw the tunnel to freedom he obviously thought he could come home to us but when the S.O.R. found out they captured him and said if he didn't work for them they would take all his money and I bet you can guess what he did. When I found out my heart skipped a beat, just like that song and yeah I do know about that stuff. Who would pay our bills because dad normally sent us money. But everything was okay, dad found a way of secretly sending us money.

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