the girl in the mirror

A family moves to a new house. Everything is okay till the smallest girl Amy saw a girl in the mirror. What will happen next?


2. moving to a new home


"This is our new home. It's a little old but ya'll would get used to it." My dad said taking boxes up the rickety stairs. 

Are you fucking kidding me??? This house was like really old run down. It had a scary feel to it. There was vines growing through the cracked windows. The stairs were old with cracks. I could have sworn i almost fell through the stairs. 

"Dad what happened to this house." I said picking up a couple of boxes.

"Long story short there was a murder or suicide. The owners died the worse way. Their bodies mangled to pieces. That was years ago now the house is safe." My dad said going back out the house for another box.

What the hell!!?? I grabbed a box and headed upstairs. My room was okay. It was a pale blue color and their was old paintings of a family. Must have been the recent owners. There was a old dresser with a old mirror with cracks init like someone smashed it. Weird. I started to put my clothes in the drawer. When i looked back at the mirror it was fixed like noone broke it. Weird. I walked downstairs as quick as possible and went in the car to get my little sister Amy.

"Sissy this house is creepy." Amy said as i picked her up. 

"It will get some getting used to but this is home i guess." I said reassuringly.

I walked upstairs Amy still in my arms and went to my room. 

"This will be our room Amy." I said smiling 

She jumped out my arms and went straight to the mirror. I smiled and went back downstairs to get another box. When i came back upstairs i heard Amy talking to someone. Last time i checked she was alone.

"Amy who are you talking to." I said putting the box down beside my dresser.

"The little girl in the mirror. She says hi." Amy said smiling.

"What girl in the mirror." I said walking towards the mirror.

"She is right there." Amy said pointing to the mirror.

"Amy that's your reflection." I said looking at her.

"I know the girl is right there you don't see her." Amy said whining.

"No i don't." I said looking down at Amy. All of a sudden Amy went silent staring into the mirror.

"Amy Amy." I said shaking her.

"She told me that you will see her in due time." Amy said not taking her eyes off the mirror.

Okay that's creepy.

"Amy lets get away from this mirror okay." I said pulling Amy.


I quickly let her go and took the mirror and put it in the closet.

"She doesn't like that sissy she is angry now." Amy said looking up at me.

"Well tell her to kiss my motherfuckin ass." I said storming out.

All of a sudden one or my trophies flew off my shelf and flew towards my head fast like someone threw it. I ducked and it shattered.

"Amy what the hell." I said turning around.

'That wasn't me that was the girl in the mirror. I told you she was angry." Amy said looking at me.

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