Staying Together

If time was still, nobody could ever find them.
"You've got the case of Lovebug, Elliot. And it's for Brad." was the sentence that changed Elliot Wales' life.

All she wanted was a fairy tale love story, like Peter Pan and Wendy. Yet Elliot always thought that "love" was just a big lie, except that's that thing she's always wanted. Bradley Will-Simpson had to take the necessary steps to win her over, but being her best friend - it's going to be difficult.

She'd walk until the end of the Earth to find her Prince Charming. He'd fight to find his one and only.
Bradley Will-Simpson and Elliot Wales, both have a case of the Lovebug.

Copyright 2012-2013 = Captain_Llama


1. 1.


        Elliot Wales' Point Of View


I slowly walked out the door of Bradley's house, wearing his monkey-themed onesie. I was currently staying there until James could find a decent house for me to live in.

It was a tad bit on the long side, but it was much more comfier than my old, torn-up one.
I got closer and closer to the sound of their voices singing.

"'Cause your sex takes me to paradise." Bradley sung was I listened as I walked down to where they were. I couldn't help but laugh, I mean come on, we're all immature at some points in life!

I was able to watch the behind the scenes of their new cover. Bradley, maybe one or two times, caught me eating some of his Jaffa Cakes. A cheeky smile appeared on my face, Bradley sighed quietly and smiled as he sung. 

I'd known the boys for about a year. They came down to Belfast at one point, and I had the chance to meet them ... by falling onto my face, right in front of them. I guess we just clicked at first sight.

I'll admit, I always had a soft spot for Bradley when I first met him. His personality is so kind and caring.
I kept it well hidden that I had a bit of a soft spot for him, well I tried. James found out, I wasn't the best at hiding things, but James promised that he wouldn't say anything.

He may not have said anything about me, but somehow Tristan found out, "somehow." Yes.

"I think we're done filming, boys!" James shouted as he placed his guitar on the chair beside him and walked over to me.

"Oi, that's my onesie!" Bradley cried mockingly, following James shortly afterwards.

I blew raspberries at the curly haired child as the three walked towards me.
Bradley took out his phone, snapping a picture of me in his onesie.


"Mm, what? I did nothing!" he swiftly ran in the direction of the old cottage.

"That boy, Jesus Christ." I mumbled, walking over to the table of food.

"So, when so you plan I telling him?" Tristan asked, taking a seat beside the table.

"When I have confidence in myself, which will never happen."  I quietly nibbled on a Jaffa Cake from Bradley's half-open box whilst Tristan studied my body language carefully.
"Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face?" I asked even though I knew why.

"Mm, nothing is wrong." I could tell he was lying but I let it go.

"I'm gonna see why Bradley's doing." I grabbed the box of Jaffa Cakes and started to walk up the path to the house.

"She's obsessed, I tell ya!" James announced.

"I can hear you!" I shouted back, pushing open the creaky, wooden door.










"You know what I love, Elly?" Bradley asked, nibbling on a Jaffa Cakes and scrolling through his Twitter timeline.

"Me?!" I thought.

"Jaffa Cakes!" he joked, throwing the navy blue box up into the air and letting them drop onto the floor.


"Yes?" he mumbled, collecting the box from the floor.

"Where's your onesie?" I asked, letting a cheeky smirk appear on my face.



12:00 A.M. the clock said. I wasn't really a night-owl.
I yawned as my eyelids grew heavy, quite heavy.

I stared into deep space, thinking about "something."

"Tired?" Bradley startles me. I hear him laugh and playfully slap him on the arm.
"Ouch, hurtfull!" he whinned, moving a bit closer to me.

I stood up, dusting off the Jaffa Cake crumbs off my legs.

"I'll be back in a moment, need to speak to Tristan and James for a second."








"Bradley?" I asked, casually walking back into his room.

"Mm?" he mumbled, taking a sip of his drink, presumably tea or coffee.

"You okay?"

"What do you mean, Elliot?" he looked up at me, his curly locks being clamped by his hand as he fixes his hair. 

"Well, I'm asking 'How are you?' Obviously.."

"Oh, I'm fine. Just thinking about something."

"Well, what's that "something" You know you can tell me many thing!" I sat down next to him.

I really like his idea about becoming as famous as Justin Bieber with both James and Tristen. But on the other hand, I was afraid he would just vanish without a trace, without being able to know where he is and who he's with.

"Elliot." he leaned over the oak-styled wooded table and grabbed my hands holdin them tightly, his chocolate orbs staring straight into my dull green ones. 

"Yes?" I smiled, watching his dull face.

"Microwave." he mumble. He smiled once more before letting go of my hands and stood up from the table and chairs.

"Wait, what?"

He fiddled with his bracelets for a bit before gesturing me to stand up.
When I refused to stand up, he grabbed my waist with his hands. Picking me up from my chair, he started spinning the pair of us around in dizzy circles. 

I couldn't help but let out a little laugh as he tried his best to not let go of me and let me get sent flying into a wall of pain.

"Bradley, if I wasn't your friend, I would've killed you by now!" I shout as I tried to pry his hands off my waist. I could hardly see with my curly, brunette hair was in the way.

"A romantic, aren't you?" he laughed as he kept a hold of me.

He eventually put me back down on the creaky, wooden floors. As my feet got contact with the floor, he spun me around, making me face him. 

"Bradley." I mumbled..

"Yes, Elliot?" he responded as he tried to stop smiling like a child in Christmas Eve.

"Promise me that you won't do that again." he smiled as he hugged him. Bradley wasn't really that tall, but we was taller than me.

"I promise, Elliot." he chuckled.
"Wait here." he said and we pulled apart and he run upstairs to his bedroom. 







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