No wAy !!!

umm so basically , that is the first fanfic i have ever written ... so there is that girl whose name is Sam Krone she is a big fan of one direction, she always dreams about the day she is going to meet , but she knows that she would never and it is nearly impossible , but even if she met them she is afraid of thinking she is uglyy..


2. Moving out

Sam P.O.V

I can't believe we actually graduated and heading to college. We are going to the US we get finally to Kyky i am so excited we get finally to meet our best friend again. We are going to music school there it is the best for us as we don't have the guts for auditioning for the x-factor so we can maybe we can finally reach our dream. "wow you're popular someone is calling you .." my phone started ringing so i picked it from before it goes of. "Vas Happien' samMie !!" i smiled knowing it is Ri. "Vas Happien' RI" I replaid.

"Sam ! Lyly and i are coming over at yours so we can go to the airport together , okay ??

i smiled looking at my 1D poster and i didn't answer..

"Sam are you there ? Hello??"

"OH yeah yeah sure you come over guys "

"kay SamMie you are the best ttyl "


I put my phone on the table and opened my closet , i need to find something to wear i am not ready yet ..ugh.. i picked my pink loose top , blue skinny jeans and my pink vans. And i went into the bathroom to have a shower. I used my strawberry scent shampoo and sames scented body shower , strawberry scent is my Favorite . I got out of the bathroom dried my hair curled it and applied some light make up. I looked at my room it was so empty everything in my room was packed there was only bed and suitcases , i can't believe i am going to move out with my best friends of all time and out of the hole country that was kinda exciting and scary , i mean i can't just leave my family like this. My thought were interpreted by my bedroom door opening. I looked at the door and suddenly found myself in the middle of a group hug .

"Sam I missed you so much !!!" LyLy squealed  

"I was just with you yesterday LyLY " i said pulling away from the hug

"I know , come on lets go " she said. We grabbed my suitcases and headed downstairs. I hugged my mum last jug and said my final goodbyes to every one and went to Ri's car.    


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