No wAy !!!

umm so basically , that is the first fanfic i have ever written ... so there is that girl whose name is Sam Krone she is a big fan of one direction, she always dreams about the day she is going to meet , but she knows that she would never and it is nearly impossible , but even if she met them she is afraid of thinking she is uglyy..


3. Am I dreaming ?!

Harry P.O.V 

"Come on Louis we are going to miss the plane " Liam shouted from the kitchen. I was just watching T.V. When finally Lou was ready we headed to the car.I can't actually believe we are going to The Ellen show in the US. That is going to be so exiting. The ride was so quite so I decided cutting it. "Boys can you believe how far we have got ?" i started.

"What do you mean?" Zayn asked.

"I mean about the Ellen show !!"I said over exited.

"we are so lucky.."Liam said with a quite voice not getting his eyes off his phone.He was acting weird these past of days.

"Are you ok, Liam "Niall asked , its seems that i am not the only one who notices it. 

"Yeah , yeah I am .... great" . I nodded but i knew there was something wrong that isn't the Liam i know. 

"We are here boys " Paul said . So we got out of the car and went directly into the airport , there was lots of girls there good thing that we were wearing our beanies and sunglasses i think nobody noticed us from the crowd. We were just on time so we ran to the airplane and when we were about to enter Paul said "remember boys no photos no autographs  , do you get me boys ?" we all nodded and wet to the  airplane  , as usual i  would sit beside Louis , Liam beside Niall and Zayn in his own chair  alone, but this time for some reason  Zayn wanted to sit beside Louis so i just  agreed and sat in Zayn's place .

Sam P.O.V

"What do you mean you got 2 2nd class ticket and 1 1st class tickets !!!" I shouted at Lyly .

"I thought you would enjoy the first class SamMie !!" she replied making the puppy face.

"ugh!!" I replied angrily  "and why do i sit alone , why don't any of guys  take that  ticket?"

"because we don't want to sit beside strangers , you can fit i easily Sam ! " Ri said

"besides it will be great service there " Lyly said trying to be cut . I shot her a glare and we all started laughing.

"Fine!" i responded . We went to the airplane door i hugged the girls ad a lady took me to my 1st class seat . There was a guy i a beanie and sunglasses he was taking the window seat , really that day keeps getting better and better. Just whe i was about to sit to another seat he said "would you like the widow seat love ?"

He sounded really sweet so i will play along "no thank you" i said with a smile.He smiled back and i sat in my seat. I took out my ipod and started listening to my favorite British Irish boyband one direction . The first song was tell me a lie I love that song. "what are you listening to .. umm....? 

"Sam" i replied    

"Harry" he said

"I love that name !!"

"why?!"he said laughing at my reaction.

"Do you know that boy bad called One Direction?"

"yeah , whose your favorite from the five boys ?"

"Harry Styles !" i said trying acting cool.

"Why?"he said with a cheekily smile 

"Because he is super duper cute funny has a great voice and he is just a cupcake". He smiled and kept staring at me. I laughed and said "what" playfully. He just smiled .

"what is it with the beanie and sunglasses " i asked him . He laughed. So i just decided on removing them , i removed them and i found curly hair and green eyes , i know exactly who he was .

"Holy shit .." i said trying not to scream and he laughed.









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