No wAy !!!

umm so basically , that is the first fanfic i have ever written ... so there is that girl whose name is Sam Krone she is a big fan of one direction, she always dreams about the day she is going to meet , but she knows that she would never and it is nearly impossible , but even if she met them she is afraid of thinking she is uglyy..


1. A bout me life

So, my name is Sam and my friends call me "samMie" and i live in the UK. I have a bunch of great friends , i really love them and they love me tooo. We are four girls kaila "kyky" , lydia "lyly" and Ria "ri".... I love these guyz they are really fun to hung out with they are funny charming cute and caring. Last year Kyky moved to the US. We were really sad we were more like a family we were sisters.We intended that the 4 of us are us are going to get back together one day. The 4 of us were always in contact we never stopped talking with each other. We had this little hobby of singing . We liked to sing people said we were really good , maybe we were Lyly was kinda crazy and always wanted us to addition for the x-factor but we never had the guts to do it. 

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