Its gotta be her


1. All of it was amazing

I was so excited when i bumped into niall in theplain he was sitting right behind me
By the way my name is faloo and i'm a directioneri'm 20 years old i have black hair and brown eyes , and i was heading to london to try and meet them(, it takes 3 days to arrive ) but i have already met him in the airport omgg i wanted to scream but i didn't want to freak him out so i acted stuff cool so i just said ouchh as i rubbed my hand as we fell on the ground i was on him and i was soo embarrassed so i just got of and helped him up as he took my hand i stared at his beautiful blue eyes and said : hey !! I'm really sorry i didn't see you its tottally my fault sorry
As he told me that it wasn't anyones fault we just bumped into each other we chittchatted a littlebit when louis jumped in and said something to niall in his ear as niall blushed
The rest of the boys came and i was sitting between them louis&harry were in the chair infront of me liam and zayn behind me and niall beside me i didn't believe at first that it was him until i saw them all i was sooo happy but i tried to play it all cool as much as i could
They tried to introduce them selfs as i just said their names
They were surprised i was the first fan who didn't scream theirnames like crazy, butthey didn't know that i was screaming from the inside i was soooo happy but all i had to do to make them like me espacially niall who was my favorite
We had alot of fun the first day we laughed and did so many funny stuff as we were seated niall secretly told me embarrasing stuff the guys had went trough they are reslly funny and know how to live while they were young
Niall followed me on twitter and gave me his phone number as i told him my story about my family and how dad used to come drunk to the house and hit me i lived a harsh life but now i knew that god ment when he made me live all that misery that if i could handle it instead of killingmy self he was gonna save me for the hottest irish guy
-------- 2 years later--------
We became so close in the last 2 years because of just a plane fisrt i was so excited when i met them but now it was all so normal me and niall are now in a relationship i didn't believe how all the directioners supported us i was so happy about it all " i thought as i layed in bed thinking and remembering everything we had been through the bad stuff the good stuff the funny stuff i was remembering everything i didn't realize realize that tears were escaping my eyes until niall came in gave me a hug and asked what was the problem

-------3 years later ---------
I can't believe i was waiting for this da,y since forever today niall asked me if he can chnge my last name to Horan ,yep thats righthe asked me to be his wife aaahaaaaaaaahhh i was sossooooooohappy all i could do was smile and node as he held me and planted a kiss on my mouth aahhh i was so happyy

---------6 years later--------
Mummyyy screamed angel from her room as she came running to me she was our daughter me and nialls she came and told me that niall was tickling her a laughed as niall came in he loved to tickle her but she was easily tickled just like me so surely she hated me so i just told him to stop it in a silly angry voise as he started to tickle me i was jumping all around the room as angel started to laugh so we ran to her and started both to tickle her and i told her : that will teach you to laugh at me when i try to help hahahah

20 years later -----------
Me and niall now are 38 years old while angel was the one taking care of us after we were the ones taking care of her but no matter how old my nialler was he was always my prince in my eyes ...
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