The Tortured Dreams of Aloyn Farhal

Aloyn doesn't dream. She has dreams, but they're just reliving her day. Until she begins to have dreams about people. Tortured people. Aloyn needs help. Fast.


1. The Nightmare

The lady slowly drifted towards me. She had no face, only a head. Her face looked pixilated, as if someone had soone in too far. She was wearing a black dress, torn and flowing behing her.

"You are worthless, child." she said to me. Her voice was raspy and dark. 

"You are as worthless as dirt. You wil not come. You are of no use to them." she said "Without you, they will die, like the others before them." Then she was right infront of me, she moved faster than lightning. She reached out a finger and ran it along my chin and throat. I felt her nail cutting into my skin.

"Child, you shall die." She rasped.


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