First Love

Its about Niall and has known Alyssa since he was 4 :) Niall isnt famous :) Alyssa is 16 and from Mullingar and is Nialls best friend


2. Bad News

Alyssas P.O.V

One evening when i came home from school my parents asked me to sit down at the kitchen table i was an only child so this would me something about me spending too much time with boys. " alyssa ," my mom said after a few moments. " were moving to canada,quebec to be exact " there was a pause of silence " um , okay" i said trying to take it all in "i have to go do my homework " i lied trying to make an excuse to leave the room .

The first thing i thought of when i went up to my room was how do i tell niall !

My phone rang it was niall " hey alyssa " he said excitedly " hey niall " i said trying to sound positive . " can i come over i have huge news "  "yeah sure" i said and he hung up the phone

"Nialls coming over "  i yelled down the stairs to let my parents know and threw on my Canterbury tracksuit instead of my uniform and put my hair up in a messy bun 

I ran down stairs and opened the door and  niall was lazily walking across the street with his guitar


                              Nialls P.O.V

As we walked up the stairs i could see that there was something up with alyssa " are you okay?" i asked her 

"yeah im fine just have a headache from school thats all  anyway whats ur huge news ? " " Am well im entering the xfactor " 

" omg niall thats amazing " she said giving me a huge hug " will you come to my audition with me on saturday its in dublin" 

"yeah of course i will " 

Alyssas P.O.V

We spent the whole night talking while Niall played his guitar i couldnt tell him about me moving tonight ill wait 

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