Miss me When you're Gone

When Anna Davids was six, her parents disappeared. She was sent to a foster home to live. Ten years later, her best friend is Louis Tomlinson, who is 17. When Louis goes onto the X-Factor, what will she do? And what about when he makes big-time with One Direction? Will he come back for her in the foster home, or will he forget all about her?


12. I'm In A Band


How was I going to tell Anna I was in a band?? I had been texting the boys all day. Liam Payne was one of the coolest guys. He is so mature. Zayn Malik is the second oldest, and is kinda shy. Harry Styles is in the band!! I couldn't believe it! He is really cool. We are already good friends. And then there's the Irish boy Niall Horan. I found out that he ate a lot. Thet all have very great voices. They go so good with each other.

I told Anna that I had gotten through, I didn't tell her in a band. I had a week home, but then I had to go to the judges houses. I got to be in Simon Cowell's group. We were texting each other names. I just now got a text from harry.

Harry: Hey, I was thinking One Direction guys. What do you think?

Liam: That sounds cool.

Niall: Awww. I liked Niall and the Potatoes.

Zayn: Sure

Harry: What about you Louis?

Louis: I think we found ourselfs a new name!!!

COOL!! Our band was One Direction. Now to tell Anna. No better time than the present.

I went to her room. It was noon and she was on her phone checking Twitter and stuff. She always does that.

"Hey Anna. I gotta tell you something"

"What's up Louis?"
"Well, you know how I got through to the judges house?"

"Well, I got through, but with four other boys"

"So. Your still in, aren't you. "

"Yeah. Liam Payne and Harry Styles are some of the guys. Just letting you know"

"Okay Louis. Now, can you get out. I'm going out with Serena, and I need to get changed"

"Okay. Just let me know if you need a ride."

"OKay. Talk to you in a bit. Hey, make me a sandwich, would ya?"
"Yes my master. PB & J?"

I went down and made her a sandwich. She's cool with me in a band. YES!! Now, you will see how cool One Direction is!!

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