Miss me When you're Gone

When Anna Davids was six, her parents disappeared. She was sent to a foster home to live. Ten years later, her best friend is Louis Tomlinson, who is 17. When Louis goes onto the X-Factor, what will she do? And what about when he makes big-time with One Direction? Will he come back for her in the foster home, or will he forget all about her?


5. Good and Bad News

Anna's POV

I said goodbye to Louis and headed to Language Arts. We had to talk about the tragedy of their love. So chessey. I walked into the room, when Ben came up to me.

"Hey, Anna. I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you and your brother. My mom died a long time ago, and that's why I've been being mean to you. When I heard that your mom died, I just felt terrible. Can you ever forgive me?"

I was shocked. I didn't know this about him. I looked him in the eyes ans said, "Of course. I'm really sorry about your mom. Just try not to be mean to other people."

With that I walked away and sat in my seat.

"Okay class. Now today, we are going to act out a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Anna Davids and Sam Gillards, pleae come to the front.", my teacher Mrs. Adams said.

I just sat there in shock. Besides Louis, Sam was one of my other crushes. He had always been somewhat of a friend, but I never imagined this to happen. I slowly got out of my seat and made a little eye contact with him. He smiled when I loojked at him. I was super shy, so I was pretty nervous. Last year I had been in a musical, and I was the lead role. I tripped onstage when I was coming down. I was so embaresses. Everyone still remembers, so I get a little nervous when I have to perform. Everyone said I was a good singer, but Louis was truley amazing. Mrs. Adams came and gave us the scripts.

"Romeo, Romeo. Where art thou Romeo." I sais quoting Juliet. We were really close at this point. He was just about to say this line when Louis came running in with a worried expression on his face.

"Anna. Hurry. Dad just got in a car crash!" he yelled. I ran to my desk to get my stuff an dran out of the room. We ran to the car and started the engine. We zoomed to the hospital to find out about our dad.

"Where is Mike Henry's room?" Louis asked when we got into the hospital.

The receptionist looked at us with a sad looke and said, "I'm sorry guys. He just passed a few minutes ago." and went back with her work.

We sat down in the waiting room and cried for what seemed like hours until a man in a white coat came up to us.

"Anna Davids and Louis Tomlinson?" he said.

"Yes. we are they" Louis said.

"Come with us. Your father needs to be identified."

We followed him to a room. There were bodies covered with white sheets. We stopped at one, and the doctor started to pull it away. When he opened it, I collapsed on the floor. The last thing I remember was Louis calling my name before everything went black.

A/N I will probably update this with one or two more chapters before I go away for the weekend.


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