Miss me When you're Gone

When Anna Davids was six, her parents disappeared. She was sent to a foster home to live. Ten years later, her best friend is Louis Tomlinson, who is 17. When Louis goes onto the X-Factor, what will she do? And what about when he makes big-time with One Direction? Will he come back for her in the foster home, or will he forget all about her?


9. Chapter 9


I came downstairs to a very happy Louis. He seemed a bit worried too.

"Anna. Guess what? I get to take care of you because I am "mature" enough to watch over you."

"Wow Louis. That's amazing."

"Well, there's only one thing that I'm worried about, honestly. Anna, you know how I love to sing right?"


"Well I signed up for thr X-Factor and I got in. I leave to auditon in two weeks. Can you take care of yourself for as long as I'm gone?"

"Louis. That's just, just, just wow!!"

I ran up to him and gave him a big bear hug. I just knew my Boo Bear was going to go big one day.

We just spent the rest of the day hanging out and talking about the X-Factor. I was so happy for him, but would he forget me if he goes big?

AN Sory for the short chapter, but this is my lunch period, and I have to study for LA. Stupid Greek word elkements test!!! But I was also talking to my friend about One way or another (Teenage kicks) music video. Oh Niall. He was really naked in the shower!!!! I thought Harry was the one with nude issues. Well, I'll update soon!!

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