Miss me When you're Gone

When Anna Davids was six, her parents disappeared. She was sent to a foster home to live. Ten years later, her best friend is Louis Tomlinson, who is 17. When Louis goes onto the X-Factor, what will she do? And what about when he makes big-time with One Direction? Will he come back for her in the foster home, or will he forget all about her?


10. Auditions


We were finally here for the X-Factor. Louis was going to sing "Het there Delliah", and it sounded perfect. Everything was a blur for the past few weeks. Mom and dad's funeral was really sad. They did a memorial for "the lost couple" or something like that, and it was pretty stupid. We only had a few friends with us because we didn't know that many people. We really have just been hanging out. Some social worker came and were talking to Louis about his responsibilities. They came evert\y few days to talk to me about how Louis was doing. He was doing such a great job taking care of me. We have gotten into one fight about who's turn it was to do the laundry or something, but we ended up laughing it off. That's what I love about Louis. He can make anything and everything into a joke.

We had just told them who we were. We were going inside, and could see so many people.

"Anna, I don't think I'm going to make it through. What about that Harry Styles guy? He's so much younger than me, and so much better. Plus, all the ladies seem to like him."

At this point, he was tearing up. I just pulled him into a hug and held him there for a while. He could be so fragile. You just have to know where to push his buttons.

"Don't worry Boo Bear. You'll be great. You're so much better than that Harry guy. Hey, I think they're calling your number. Go up and knock their socks off."

He just smiled at me, and walked towards the stage. He took one more deep breath, and looked at me one more time. He smiled and blew me a kiss. Noiw we know that he's ready.

I walked onto the stage to see thousands of people screaming and cheering. I walked onto the X and answered to question.

"I'm Louis Tomlinson"

"I'll be singing 'Hey there Delliah'".

I started to sing, and the whole world just flew by me. It was just me and the stage. The music stopped, and I was nervous again. I wondered if they thought I was any good?

The judges said if the liked me or not. I got two 'yes' and I was good to go, but the last one even said yes. I wanted to cry, but just thanked them and got off the stage. I was so relived.

When I got into the waiting area, Anna just flew into my arms and hugged me tight. I hugged her back and just held her there for what seemed like forever.

"I can't believe that you did it Louis!!! You got through. Now what did I tell you? Way better than that Harry boy, right?"

"Yes, I guess so. Let's go home and hang out for a while. I just want to chill out a bit. I'm so tired from today."


We went home and just chilled out fo the day. We were loking for other songs for me to do. We even looked at the other people's auditons. We got a good playlist. Anna went upstairs to take a shower. I followed her up to change into some comfy clothes. As I was walking by the bathroom, I heard singing. Was that Anna? She was singing 'SOmeone Like You', and it sounded wonderful. I had never heard her sing. But then again, I never was allowed upstairs while she was showering. Our parents were a bit over protective of her.

I heard the shower turn off and ran downstairs. She would kill me she had seen me listening to her. She doesn't like people who watch her. She's just a litttle paranoid. It was around 6, so I statred to make us some dinner. I was thinking about some salad with a lot of carrots and some pasta. Italian, just the way she liked it. She said her parents told her she was Italian when she was younger, and she just loved Itailian food. I wonder why her parents left her like that? Well, anyways, I was cooking dinner, when Anna came down. Did she have scars on her wrists?

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