I dug this story up from when I was 11 and have only fixed spelling errors. My writing is better than this I'm just posting a few of the ones from 'back in the day'. I've finished putting up the story now.


2. Purgatory gets a whole lot scarier


Then was the first moment I registered something strange, as I studied the room I had previously thought I knew well I noticed some things I should have noticed before. What was previously the waiting room had become my mind’s equivalent to purgatory. As a devout Christian I knew well of purgatory and what it was for, even being and knowing how insane I was I couldn’t help feeling being taken into purgatory with a robotic psychiatrist didn’t make sense. I looked around purgatory and realised it looked exactly like I would’ve imagined it, desert red landscapes carrying on as far as the eyes could see, under a black sky with a pulsing red glow. I could feel none of the burning heat that I should have experienced in a desert and none of the harsh winds which would have blown in one either. The robotic Dr.Young marched me through the desert and carried on to walk without stop.

I realised something I should have realised long ago, something that was keeping me in this overwhelming seeming insanity. I should have seen the signs, the undistinguishable eyes of Dr.Young, how everything in his study suited my tastes, why purgatory was exactly how I would imagine it. I had attributed it all to my seemingly thriving insanity, I realised that the reasons the tricksters who were actually my real psychiatrists were all seemingly incorrect and pathetic was because they were human, so they made mistakes unlike Dr.Young. My mind was playing tricks on me, literally trying to fool me into thinking that its almost perfect version of the world was the real one and telling me that my real psychiatrists were tricksters. I had been freed of my insanity years ago, my mind had fooled me for 20 years of my life. It had been telling me lies and tricks for years, it was the real trickster. The trickster had been creating a perfect world out of the thoughts and images of my mind, he had been showing me my world and made it his.

“But why?” I silently asked myself, hoping that the Trickster, didn’t have enough control over me to tell what my thoughts are. If the Trickster could read my thoughts I was going to be in even more trouble than I already was.

“You aren’t quick to catch on are you, 20 years is a long time to deceive someone;” said robotic Dr.Young, replying to my thought as if it was directed at him; he spoke in a chilling, dark voice that I was certain he shouldn’t be able to reach. “I was beginning to get bored of playing and mocking you, you’re lucky you found out about me quickly, otherwise I would have been forced to use you to entertain myself, painfully…” He waited a while to let that and the implied fact that he had complete control over me sink in. The fact that escape was impossible and I could easily be his play toy, and I believed him.

“Why would you want this? What’s the point of trapping somebody inside their own mind?” I asked worried and confused. Maybe I could find out what it was trying to do, maybe I could use it to escape.

“I know what you’re thinking,’ it said in a high, playful, mocking voice, ‘but it doesn’t matter, you’ll never escape from purgatory.” It said back to it’s terrifying voice and satisfied that it had sufficiently scared me. “I’ll tell you anyway, it will be most enjoyable to see you squirm, which you will at the thought of what I’m going to do to you.” I put on a straight face desperate trying to keep from the small pleasure of my discomfort, if something had all knowledge of all my memories it would know a lot of things that I would fear.

Instead I was surprised by what I was told but still the thought made me squirm, it was worse than I had imagined before, much worse. “I have been trapped in your mind before.” Was his admittance shocking and chilling me to the core. I smiled to myself as he still thought of himself as being and still might be trapped in my mind. I had a little hope and I was ready to fight for it.

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