I dug this story up from when I was 11 and have only fixed spelling errors. My writing is better than this I'm just posting a few of the ones from 'back in the day'. I've finished putting up the story now.


3. Locked-up in your mind


“You’re insanity allowed me to break free, working as a cog for a pathetic master. When I was freed I wanted to kill you and I easily could have as I easily can now, but because I knew I would die when you did I came up with a much better plan. I decided to fool you by creating Dr.Young who would make you think he was curing your obvious insanity whilst fooling you into helping me to lock you into your brain. I’ll take control of your mind and unlock you’re true potential. It’s a shame you’ll be in this place until I die but I will make you successful beyond your wildest dreams, you should be thankful.”

Suddenly, I was thrown into a steel cage I hadn’t noticed we’d arrived at. The cage was slammed shut by Dr.Young before I could jump up to retaliate or escape. I flung myself against the steel bars of the cage and the bars instantly went a glowing red colour as if they were being heated as hot as they could be without melting. As I banged into the iron bars I felt a searing hot pain like the bars themselves had just come out of a furnace; but the bars didn’t melt at all, they stayed as solid as they just had been. No matter how hard I had tried, I squirmed, and was rewarded with a mocking cackle.

“I guess I forgot to mention about the bars. Oops.” Said the Trickster as if it were a mere hiccup, not the unbearable pain going through my bones. It cackled like it was an excellent joke, the cackle sounded like nails on a chalk-board. I covered my ears to try to prevent the horrific sound getting to them but before I could the Trickster was gone. I looked around and realised only Dr.Young was there still with his hand still in the shape of a clamp staring at me in my cage, supposedly guarding me.

I sat down on the floor, careful not to touch the surrounding iron bars and tried to make sense of what had just happened. I realised that the Trickster knew almost everything about me so I would have to do something unexpected. I also realised the trickster could only use my thoughts and memories, it couldn’t think for itself.

I laughed, earning a strange look from Dr.Young who now seemed more like an unintelligent ape than a clever psychiatrist. I had worked out that if the Trickster and this world could only use or be my thoughts, then I had complete control of this game of trickery because it was completely my thoughts and The Trickster didn’t even know it.

“Watch this.” I said to Dr.Young with a mischievous grin. Dr.Young ignored me until the bars of my cage flew apart, he was worried. He rushed at me as fast as he could trying to knock me to the ground but like the Trickster I had vanished with my new found power, leaving Dr.Young to collapse onto the iron bars and feel the searing hot pain I had endured before.

I found the Trickster and immediately after the trickster noticed my presence we launched into a battle of wills. The trickster thinking it would be easy, tried to pin me down but I burst out with raw power and as it pushed with all of the will it had stolen from me I squashed it like a bug. In my mind I roared with success as I regained control of myself.

The Trickster had left me outside in a car park with my social service card and an A4 piece of paper permitting me to leave the institute. I chuckled to myself as after 20 turbulent years filled with deceit and violence; I drove home feeling like and being a normal, sane, person. Just.

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